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Today's Poem - 04/29/2017
A Precious Jewel - Viewed 8375 Times
David Devaney
December 13, 2002
Upon the winds I whisper.
Upon the stars I soar.
Into the twilight of my time
Not knowing what’s in store.
Excited to be venturing
where I have never been.
As life within the sunrise
does everyday begin.
New challenges do greet me
new intimates I meet.
Friendships ever growing
as soft my heart does beat.
Taking time to know of love,
it is a precious jewel
Greeting new acquaintances
never being cruel.
Capturing the memories
composites of my days.
Loving those who have loved me
in many different ways.
Laughing, crying, telling tales
bout life that I have known.
Though solitary in my world,
I never am alone.
For I am all that I have been
and all that I’ll become.
Father, soldier, confidante,
of me I am the sum.
Patiently awaiting
that special ecstasy.
When I do wake acknowledging
my final fantasy.
To here achieve upon this earth
that I do daily roam
A gentle kindness in my heart
and be no more alone.
For life well lived is understood
to be a life fulfilled.
One where love and special joy
for ever are instilled.
© 2002 David Devaney
A Future Time - Viewed 7559 Times
David Devaney
May 09, 2002
Though there is a future time, it seems to matter not,
as the ever-changing present brings forth
the morning tide of my serenity.
For buried deep within the salinity of my joy,
is the experience of an uncontrolled history.
Present moments lost within the abyss that is my yesterday.
Learned references giving guidance and not control.

I am continually aware of the always present beauty of my time,
Its energy and its warming fragrance.
The love of life that transcends in its magnitude all else,
As I share with it the essence of all life. I am alive,
not in the tomorrow of my imagination,
but in the momentary joy of each silent beat of my heart.

There, just beyond the jetty, the tide flows endlessly
and timeless across the universe of my understanding.
There is an integrity, a truth, a beauty,
and a certain recognition, absent of all fear and turmoil.
Forevermore present is this joy,
for I am a certainty in my own reality,
cognizant and aware.
© 2002 David Devaney
A Menagerie of Beauty - Viewed 8350 Times
David Devaney
November 01, 2002
I do not now,
nor have I ever understood
the blending of so many
unique and different,
yet wonderful personalities
into a treasured existence.

None is the critique
nor the criticism,
for all are accepted
as they choose to be,
uniquely special
in their choice
of style and existence.

Non conforming in a world
of wasted conformity.
Joyful in the knowledge
of their choice to be as they are
and not as others would
perceive them to properly be.

They are accepted in this world
of the forceful and the condemned.
They are true to the style of being
that allows the individual to be as they are
and as they choose to be.

Not now nor ever
part of the shepherd society
that leads to the slaughter
of the personality
and the destruction
of the dream.
They are rather
the essence and the life
of its fulfillment.
© 2002 David Devaney
A Woman of Intrigue - Viewed 8109 Times
David Devaney
August 23, 2003
If I were younger I’d pursue
a woman of intrigue.
I’d do whatever it would take
to join her special league.

Where happiness it does abound
neath every single star.
And skies they are forever blue
no matter near nor far.

Her smile, it would radiate
as does the morning sun.
And life becomes a special place
for it has now begun.

I’d walk with her along the path
that leads into each heart.
Hold her tight and whisper words
to help her joy to start.

And she would walk with special grace
a step above the earth.
If only she could know my heart
for me would come rebirth.

A mentor, confidante and guide
this woman I’d call friend.
If she could touch me with her smile
my life will never end.
© 2003 David Devaney
Koala - Viewed 7380 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2003
I’m just an old Koala bear,
captive and forlorn.
Living in a cage of glass,
the trees are old and worn.
I rest my head upon my arms,
my eyes most often closed.
My neighbors are Koala bears
to this I’m not opposed.
Just three of us in Houston town,
down south in Herman Park.
So many people come and watch,
yet still I have no spark.
I sit and sleep here in my tree,
then once or twice a day.
I blink and raise my eyebrows up
and all the people stay.
They smile, laugh, the children scream.
“Hey mom let’s go inside”.
Yet all alone I must remain,
though from them I don’t hide.
I’m just an old Koala bear,
content to here remain.
To warm the hearts of young and old,
as happiness they gain.
© 2003 David Devaney
As People Do - Viewed 7273 Times
David Devaney
October 27, 2003
I chased you through the universe
no time came into play.
Our stars commingled near the sun
beside the Milky Way.
Our spirit and our energy,
were one upon the moon.
Where happiness is nightly seen
and love can’t come too soon.
As one we entered too a cloud
where rainbows touch the earth.
Then rode it to our pot of gold
to find true loves rebirth.
We stepped both naked into life
to go our separate ways.
Though years apart we’d meet again
to energize our days.
You as woman, I as man
would know great love and more.
Touch ten million hearts and souls
with life so very pure.
For in the heavens we began
as starlit energy.
Traveled through the universe
our souls forever free.
Blending into human form
in life as people do.
To find for all eternity
a love forever new.
© 2003 David Devaney
Before The Dawn - Viewed 7441 Times
David Devaney
April 04, 2004
There is a silence blessing
that comes before the dawn.
The bats, they scurry to their caves,
the night will soon be gone.
The crickets all more silent grow,
the sun will soon arise.
The moon does catch its final glimpse
across the cloudless skies.
The night does whisper morning songs
awakening the trees.
The blossoms shed their night time dew
to hummingbirds and bees.
The sun from east and south and north
does through the mountains peer.
The prophet of serenity,
we need no other seer.
The birds on wind do silent soar
all seeking breakfast fare.
As night worms slide into the earth
no noise comes from their lair.
Ten thousand ants then raise the roof
another day begun.
No single sound is ever heard
before their day is done.
Then, come at last the trumpet winds,
to herald in the day.
When daylight creatures do appear
it’s beauty on display.
© 2004 David Devaney
Just Look Beyond - Viewed 7501 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2004
Life at times is difficult.
Just how will I survive?
The first commitment is to love
and keep myself alive.
To love the God whose part of me
and then to love my heart.
When human, it’s not easy done,
it’s hard to find a start.
The next is loving those close by
who love me in return.
Yet still this love does ebb and flow
as tides do beaches’ spurn.
There’s beauty too, that’s all around,
in nature’s wondrous things.
The freckles on a child’s face,
the voice that lovely sings.
In skies now dappled by great clouds
soft colored by the sun.
In childbirth, the perfect love,
as life is new begun.
So even though the days seem hard
and trouble is at hand.
Just look beyond just who you are
and firmly you will stand.
Upon this earth so full with joy
that daily can be seen.
Breathe the air of life itself
and taste the emerald green.
© 2004 David Devaney
That Only You Can Bring - Viewed 7389 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2004
The beauty of a special soul
is found behind their eyes.
The glimmer, with a sense of hope,
is never a disguise.
Extending downward to their lips,
it turns into a smile.
The love that’s seen on every face
can truly hearts beguile.
It’s found within their actions too,
they always seem to care.
Ending woe and misery,
with love there’s no despair.
They too possess a special gift
to every day exchange.
Renewing hopes for those distressed,
they problems rearrange.
Not worried what the world might think
their focus is the heart.
To be, as they, a special gift
with many hopes to chart.
So if someday you see their smile
or feel the warmth they bring.
Know that giving is a choice,
that only you can bring.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Glory and The Magnificence - Viewed 6771 Times
David Devaney
April 09, 2004
There is a Goddess of creativity who lingers
just beneath my eyelids. Serene yet majestic,
she brings to me the inspiration of new life.

The glory and the magnificence of the morning sunrise
is seen through her vision and she touches my thoughts
with its beauty.

I am mortal in a world of mortal beings,
yet I accept this goddess
as my spirit mentor and guide.

She is the feminine within me, sensitive and pure.
Patient and always kind,
she tempers the anger of my masculine soul.

I see, through her eyes, the springtime sparrows,
gathering for their nest, lovers beyond all lovers
as they build a resting place for those yet born.

Twigs and leaves, stems and buds, feathers and moss,
are all taken with anticipation
from the springtime garden on the hill.

Because of her I see all things simple and beautiful
in a world too quickly paced to experience
the wonderment of new life.

The perfumed fragrance of the morning dew
blended with the sunrise warmth of awakening evergreens
is a gift never to be lost from our consciousness.

So thankful am I that she has chosen my spirit
as the seer and the prophet
of life’s recognition and revelation.

I will be her champion and she my muse.
Protecting and defending her honor
and heralding the beauty of her inspiration.
© 2004 David Devaney
Within My View - Viewed 6672 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2004
I came to see this northwest land,
its beauty in its form.
Great mountains course horizons pure
in sun or winded storm.
As though a woman soft yet strong,
the images are real.
This land a cornucopia,
remarkable its zeal.
Volcanic energy abounds,
fault lines where there’s no fault.
Tsunami warnings by the sea,
don’t by their waves be caught.
Ranier and Baker, snow capped both,
do rise above this scene.
The Cascade and Olympic tops
above the evergreen.
Stars too numerous to count
their canvas is the night.
Nesting birds, each loving pair,
sea eagles found in flight.
Blossoms on Lake Washington
in springtime bountiful.
The women rise from winter’s rest
each one more beautiful.
Pale of cheek, save for the rouge,
the north wind does apply.
These treasures all within my view
beneath a cloudless sky.
© 2004 David Devaney
Greetings - Viewed 6629 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Why do people pass us by
yet never say hello?
Eyes turned right or left at times
the head goes to and fro.

Why do people feel ill eased
when passing near at dawn?
Is it that hard to greetings share
and then to carry on?

Why do people look aloof
when passing that first mile?
The eyes will brighten, sun will shine,
if first they’d only smile.

Why do people cross the street
to others here avoid?
To say good morning now and then
will not have lives destroyed.

Why do people look away
as if their eyes are caught?
Knowledge fresh from greetings made
cannot be sold or bought.

Why do people turn around
and walk the other way?
Or wear dark glass to hide the eyes
with not a word to say.

Why are children never like
what they might now become?
They wear affection on each sleeve
their hearts an open drum.

Why am I so like the rest
though I don’t want to be?
Is it because I’ve aged so wrong
and fear just living free?

I do not know these answers now,
to the questions I have asked.
Perhaps it’s in another life,
I’ll find what has been masked.

Hidden from me in this life,
where I was immature.
I hope these greeting thoughts remain
an everlasting cure.
© 2002 David Devaney
Silence - Viewed 7936 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Silence is a treasure rare
so few appreciate.
When the sun does break the dawn
no noise is at our gate.

The wind upon the cresting surf
allows no sound to flow.
The birds in flight so high above
bring voices we don’t know.

The fish that swim so deep below
in fathoms silently.
Do speak in tongues not understood
by all who hear and see.

So many things do quietly
exist upon this earth.
If only we could realize
this joy begins at birth.
© 2002 David Devaney
Sunrise Sky at Dawn - Viewed 7420 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
From sea, to earth, to sky they reach
great fingers of the dawn.
As though created once again
all life does carry on.

The mist receding to the east
as too the sun does rise.
The ocean’s haze shall disappear
and lose its night disguise.

The stars all shrouded by the haze
at dawn shall disappear.
The winds do guide the endless surf
As nature draws us near.

It is the dawn, our greatest time
when life we do renew.
Another moment in our day
that we are passing through.
© 2002 David Devaney
The Heart of Nature - Viewed 7580 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
I have found the heart of nature
where the grain stands ten feet high.
Where silence is the only sound
as the wind does touch the sky
Where the seabirds call with gentle voice
to those of us who hear.
Where the fragrance of ten thousand years
will draw us ever near.
Where stars are counted by the score
and flowers ever bloom.
Where snowflakes all are diamond pure
and rainbows need more room.
Where birth and death do matter not
for both, they are the same.
Where night and day of beauty boast
and the sun and moon bring fame.
Where God does rest the seventh day
and paradise is found.
Where everywhere is where we are
and us it does astound.
© 2002 David Devaney
The Night - Viewed 7315 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
When the day turns into evening
and the sun finds solace
on the other side of nowhere,
the stars sparkle with the freshness
of an evergreen forest.

Twilight has come to the day
as the creatures of the night
rise from their momentary rest
to begin the foraging and the feast.

The darkness quick appears
then disappears into itself
as shadows obscure all
that is visible by the light of day.

Across the ocean,
the moon sparkles the cresting waves,
before it is enveloped by the clouds
brought by the ever changing wind.

The beauty of the universe
is quick swallowed up
in the developing darkness
as colors and visions
disappear into its depth.

The hand searching out for guidance,
too, is obscured
but an arms length
from the tip of our being.

This is the night,
sullen and beautiful,
silent and austere,
simple and solitary,
full with the wonderment
of a now only imagined world.
© 2002 David Devaney
The Shrouded Dawn - Viewed 7416 Times
David Devaney
October 06, 2002
I walked and thought just who might win
this battle for the dawn.
The sun was shrouded by the clouds,
its hope, to carry on.

The winds northeast, a minor gale,
did come to aid their friend.
And free the morning rays of hope
and give the fog its end.

The seas high tide had crested too,
white foam the jetties saw.
As sparkle on it did appear
and rays did it befall.

The sun did rise much higher still
from pathways in the dark.
A saline fragrance filled the air
at the ocean jetty park.

One never knows the outcome true
when battles do begin.
Yet on this day of autumns chill
it was the sun and wind.
© 2002 David Devaney
The Wave - Viewed 8040 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
When the only thing in life’s a wave
and the next one and the next.
The troubles and the worries fade
no longer we’re perplexed.

When the ocean rises with the wind
and the tides are running high.
The only vision that is seen
is the ever changing sky.

When the surfers come to congregate
along the coastal shore.
Their church and pews are on the sea
as breakers constant roar.

When old and weary strangers trek
for miles to the sea.
Their worries and their troubles fade
with the ocean running free.

When children frolic long its edge
and build sand castle walls.
The wave will quick demolish them
as each of us recalls.

When crabs and clams do hunker down
below the roaring surf.
And sea grass elbows in the wind
as salt invades its turf.

When treasures and great pleasures come
to all who dip their toes.
There are no troubles in this world
as each wave ebbs and flows.
© 2002 David Devaney
Wheel to Wheel - Viewed 7571 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Wheel to wheel, of every age,
they came to course the boards.
A rainbow colored tapestry
they are the cycling hordes.

The thin, the fat, the tall, the short
the old and too, the young.
Front to back and rim to rim
along the boards they’re strung.

So many clicking through their gears
though many do without.
Pedals all go round and round
As they with joy do shout.
© 2002 David Devaney
Heart Child - Viewed 6456 Times
David Devaney
July 29, 2002
So many years have come and gone
and still the love does grow.
A daughter, friend and confidante,
who helps life better flow.

Full with love and patience rare,
she understands each need.
To live in joyful ecstasy
and share a special creed.

Giving of our hearts and minds,
loving as we do.
Understanding many things,
the sky’s forever blue.

Distant though we now may be,
in thought we’re heart to heart.
Though troubled times and empty nights,
too long kept us apart.

Yet just beyond the morning sun
that rises warm and clear.
You’ll find us joyful with each thought,
the beauty and her seer.

Seeing happiness and warmth,
for every day yet known.
With her my life is now complete,
I’ll never be alone.

For daughters’ are such special breeds,
unique in every way.
Capturing their father’s hearts,
with love that’s on display.
© 2002 David Devaney
I Am Just Who I Am - Viewed 7110 Times
David Devaney
June 27, 2002
It is so very, very hard, just being who I am,
Yet when I am just who I am, I’m unhappy who I am.
And too, it is so very hard just being whom I’m not,
And though I always want to be, I am not who I am not.

Now if I am just who I am and not who I am not,
I am who I now want to be and that is who I am.
So now that I am who I am and who I want to be,
I recognize I am again, I am just who I am.
© 2002 David Devaney
As I May - Viewed 6604 Times
David Devaney
September 08, 2004
I’d like an opportunity
to love you as I may.
To take you through the universe
and share with you each day.
Accepting challenges in life
no others understand.
Sharing hopes, fulfilling dreams,
throughout this freedom land.
We’d capture every memory,
this world had ever known.
Climb mountains to their snow capped rim
and never be alone.
We’d tiptoe silent through the night,
play shadow hide and seek.
Let the moonlight be our guide
across each frozen peak.
We’d wander with no destiny,
save where our hearts would lead.
Know that friendship would provide
all that we’d ever need.
We’d know of God and of his grace,
find answers to each prayer.
Bring happiness to all in need
ending their despair.
It’s all these things and more we’d do
if only now in time.
We shared this opportunity,
for life to be sublime.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Backward Haunted House - Viewed 5514 Times
David Devaney
October 13, 2004
The cellar’s in the attic
The garage is on the porch
The house has no electric
Each room, a single torch
The bedroom has a kitchen sink
The bathroom has no tub.
And in the parlor fireplace
Are brushes used to scrub.
The chandelier is made of silk,
Each wall of candlesticks.
The drawers all hold the dental floss
That furniture does fix.
The ghosts do live beneath the stairs
Behind a secret door.
The goblins wander through the halls
Cause scaring is their chore.
The witch’s mix their secret brew
In cauldrons made of wax.
There are no windows anywhere
The door’s held on by tacks.
The dining room has two old cars
One purple and one pink.
And in the pantry one dead bat
That certainly does stink.
The carpets are of cobwebs made
With spiders all around.
And in a rocker near the den
Count Dracula is found.
His buddy Frankenstein alone
The balcony does hold.
And Halloween comes every night
The wind blows strong and cold.
For here in this old Haunted House
The weird meets the confused.
Upside down and backward rooms
Keeps all the guests amused.
© 2004 David Devaney
Friends Are All Around - Viewed 5959 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2004
I’ve really never met you,
though I wish I knew you well.
Your kindness so becomes you
the future I’ll foretell.
Because the path you’ve chosen
is one where dreams come true.
Doing what you need each day
will surely get you through.
Independent yet assured
you’re patient and aware.
No moment will escape you now,
you’re almost nearly there.
Sitting top each billowed cloud
observant and fulfilled.
You feel as though the chance is now
the energy’s instilled.
So take this opportunity
to give yourself success.
Then know that friends are all around
and life, will you caress.
For special people too become
exactly whom they choose.
And you my friend do head the list
of those who will not lose.
So listen daily to your heart
and understand its need.
True love begins within oneself
to this you must take heed.
© 2004 David Devaney
Houston - Viewed 6758 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2004
City of Energy, City of friends,
City of the heart where humanity blends.
City on the Bay, City of the bold.
A small town city where they found black gold.
City of the people, City of the moon,
City of the cowboy where the good folks spoon.
City of NASA, City of the Dome,
City of two loops, where I write this tome.
City of religion, City of love,
City of the Shuttle that soars above.
City of the bayous, City of Wealth.
City of great Doctors who restore all health.
City of the “Astros”, City of hope
City of the “Rocket”, can the Yankees cope.
City of the Yao, City of Hakeem,
City of compassion, fulfilling each dream.
City of champions, City of the “Heights”,
City of “Montrose” that lives for the nights.
City of great theater, City of football.
City of a port where great vessels call.
City of the humid, City of the hot,
City of great beauty the nation’s forgot.
City of millions, City of the few.
City of neighbors old and new.
City of great Rodeo, City of peace,
City of Mac of the mattress crease.
City of the people, City of their seed,
City of the country, fulfilling its need.
City of success, City at ease.
This city of the future, does its citizens please.
© 2004 David Devaney
K-A-R-E-M-E-L-I-A - Viewed 5986 Times
David Devaney
March 26, 2004
“K” is for the “Kindness”
you’ve shown me from the start.
“A” is for the “Attitude”
that strengthens now my heart.
“R” is “Recognition”.
you give like none before.
“E” is for your “Energy”
the always perfect cure.
“M” is for “Magnificent”.
It’s how you make me feel.
“E” is the “Emotion”
your never ending zeal.
“L” is for the “Love” you send
that fills my every day.
“I” is for the “Innocence”
that’s often on display.
And last the “A” that end it all
so full with warmth and love.
“K”A”R”E”M”E”L”I”A” in my life
an angel from above.
© 2004 David Devaney
Of Its Cause - Viewed 6025 Times
David Devaney
February 26, 2004
At this very moment I sit estranged from my intellect
seeking only the rebirth of my inspiration.
I call now upon your energy and your spirit
to rekindle in me the essence of my creativity.
My imagination lingers somewhere hidden in an abyss,
locked behind the doorway to my understanding.
I know not why this stagnation does exist within my being
though I am the certainty of its cause.
Therefore my friend, I clamor for the winds of change
to intersect and divert this endless journey to the forlorn.
Come now and guide me through the caverns of darkness
that are once again my everyday experience.
For you are and will remain the angel of my cognition
touching me always with the energy of new life.
© 2004 David Devaney
Precipice of Life - Viewed 6507 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2004
There are thresholds along the pathways of my history.
Misted highways above the ocean’s kingdom
challenging me each day
in the pursuit of my imagination.

Strengthened by the energy of the sea, no obstacle,
no mountain nor canyon, no cliff nor forest,
no desert nor darkness nor fear,
will deter me in the pursuit of my destiny.

The beauty, however, is in the journey,
as the winds whisper their message of courage
and spread the fragrance of their enthusiasm
through the blossoming flowers of my potential.

It is not the completion of this escapade
lengthened by the vagaries of age and uncertainty
but the journey itself, wherein I find
the saline aroma of my satisfaction.

I am but the pilgrim emerging from the sea of my childhood
traversing the beaches of my adolescence,
and climbing, inch by inch,
through the plateaus of my maturity.

As I now face the precipice of life,
I turn to see the exquisite beauty of my existence.
through the challenged successes that are,
now and evermore, my reality.

The byways of my future have often been shrouded
by the mists of my uncertainty.
Yet now I traverse joyfully through the archways,
to my denouement.
© 2004 David Devaney
Sassa Fras - Viewed 6030 Times
David Devaney
January 06, 2004
You are frequent here within my thoughts,
though we’ve never really met.
Yet still impressions real remain
that I cannot forget.

Tall and beautiful you stand,
so different and unique.
I wonder what is on your mind?
Just what is it you seek?

Is it great wealth and happiness
or just a special friend.
A confidante to share your dreams
with whom your life will blend.

I know not yet just who you are,
perhaps that time will come.
When we can share life’s wonderment,
as on its chords we strum.

I thought I was a bit to old
to fantasize and such.
Yet just before its eyelid time
I long for your soft touch.

You gentle but determined are
to goals now set, achieve.
I wish you warmth and great success
for in you I believe.

So take a moment now and then
to on the heaven’s gaze.
For there you’ll find a star so bright
it truly will amaze.

And it contains all that you seek
to ever now fulfill.
I know it’s true, for there I found,
new hopes and strength and will.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Chesapeake - Viewed 5776 Times
David Devaney
January 20, 2004
You’ve traveled cross this continent
The course set was your own.
And there, upon the Chesapeake,
Decisions new had grown.
To set a pattern in your life,
New dreams to be fulfilled.
Shared with progeny were hopes
So recently instilled.
Then patiently you headed west
To see what you might find.
A “Windy City” wintering
To you would be most kind.
No need to rush, no need to fear,
Each moment you could live.
This life free chosen is your own,
The past you could forgive.
Friendships from relationships,
Had grown through many years.
True kindness is a place to stay
Eliminating fears.
The air to breathe, much fresher now,
Each step is effortless.
The choice your own, to feel the warmth
and know life’s tenderness.
To write, to dream, to wander free,
A life, most do defer.
Yet you have stepped with courage now
new energies you stir.
Your life is joy and happiness,
It’s wonderment and grace.
'Tis heaven here upon this earth
As dreams you daily trace.
© 2004 David Devaney
Too Many Questions - Viewed 6583 Times
David Devaney
January 14, 2004
I wonder where you might be now
as you trek across this land.
Are the stars as bright in the eastern sky?
Are the sunsets just as grand?
Do you laugh a little more each day
as you blossom with new life.
Can you see the beauty in each soul?
Have you ended every strife?
Has your heartbeat quickened as you pen
your thoughts along the way.
Will you recollect these wondrous times
through the words you will display.
Are you certain just where you might go?
Or does it really matter not?
Were the nights too cold and the days too short
and the weather never hot?
I wonder who you may have met
and if they you impressed?
The young, the old, the in between,
just how might they have dressed?
Did you see perhaps a shooting star
or snowflakes fresh at dawn?
Are all these things now part of you
as still you’re moving on.
Will you share them when you do return,
these journeys of the heart?
It matters not, They’re yours alone,
as you new adventures chart.
© 2004 David Devaney
Peggy Wynne - Viewed 5904 Times
David Devaney
February 23, 2000
Vata, Kapha, Pitta,
Air, Earth, Fire
The energy that we possess
will new success inspire.

No simple task confronts us all
yet through your inspiration.
The goals are better understood
there’s hope and some elation.

For we the novice and informed,
found truth in what was shared.
And with this guidance recognize,
from failure we’ve been spared.

Though choices critical remain
no burdens do they bring.
For you have shared experience
and detail is the thing.

That finally we recognize
may bring each new success.
Your patience has been justified
your words did minds caress.

So as commencement does arrive
and future days begin.
Much brighter is our future time
because of Peggy Wynne
© 2000 David Devaney
Yet To Be Found - Viewed 4971 Times
David Devaney
February 15, 2007
I wish you thanks my special friends
For each day I have known
Since placing you within my heart
I’ve never been alone
Through wars of devastation
And nights that would not end
No matter what the time or place
Sweet memories would blend
Of passion and true ecstasy
And laughter heard out loud
Of moments restful by the sea
Beneath a billowed cloud
Of walks along a rivers edge
And through a forest green
Of desert mountain memories
Where music was the scene
Of moonlit nights upon a knoll
That reached a mile high
Where I could wish upon each star
That filled the winter sky
Of conversations that we’d share
Of life yet to be found
And dreams of midnight fantasies
That would our hopes astound
Of real success, true happiness
And friendship that is pure
Having limits, none at all
Of this I am most sure
So now as I do recollect
The beauty of my time
It’s thoughts of you within my heart
That makes my life sublime
© 2007 David Devaney
Future? Past? - Viewed 4493 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 11, 1983
In day-dreams deep the Earth I see,
before Man came, (or after he
had gone to what fate meant for him),
in ancient past or future dim.

The Earth is dust, no foot-prints show.
In quiet beauty rivers flow.
Is Man to come or has he past?
It matters not, the dice are cast.

And Man for just this moments glory,
his birth or passing, just a story.
His dreams and plans of "future? past?"
Have been, may be, but will not last
© 1983 Hal Ethridge
TO REACH A DREAM - Viewed 4306 Times
Hal Ethridge
April 30, 2007
To reach a dream you must turn loose
of all that you are holding
and grasp at that, which fleet's from you,
forgetting reasoned scolding.

The dream you seek if grasped, though weak,
will pay for all your loosing.
There is no cost too much to pay,
do it, stop your musing.
© 2007 Hal Ethridge
Questions for the Management, also request! - Viewed 4124 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 12, 2007
Why on the lead or first page are you the only Author posted?

Please remove my collection submission's:
When Elephants Were Not Extinct, (2 ea) since I can not attach the material I wish to them and do not want them blank.

Please remove the item that now exists at the top of the collection list with me as Author since it is blank, both title and material!

All three of these "Collections" are mine!

Hal Ethridge
h.ethridge@gmail .com
(If anyone has comments or answer.)
© 2007 Hal Ethridge
Did Gravity Defy - Viewed 4111 Times
David Devaney
May 05, 2005
It seems to me remarkable
That God would challenge man
To from his brilliance redefine
This world as best he can
It started simple with two sticks
Then fire she’d create
Transported through the centuries
This genius won’t abate
The simple and the most complex
Inventions have occurred
Just turn about with open mind
There’s nothing here absurd
The wing, the kite, the aero plane
Did gravity defy
And now the shuttle astronauts
Do soar beyond the sky
There’s consequence in everything
That comes from minds intrigued
Challenged to this world reveal
No spirit is fatigued
They’re seen with great magnificence
Forever into time
Searching for that single clue
To make this world sublime
Creative minds of consequence
About the world are found
Each element so intricate
Does genius too astound
And for it all there is a source
With credit given free
From what man does discover new
We find our history
So when you step into the day
And think you think alone
Just open each creative thought
Where seeds of change are sewn
© 2005 David Devaney
The Soul\ - Viewed 4085 Times
David Devaney
June 30, 2007
Father God, creator of my enlightenment

Be always for me the spirit of my understanding

The redeemer of my misfortune

And the savior of the eternal soul that I so long to become

I am too frequently misled by the uncertainty of my commitment

To you my mentor, my hope and my fulfillment

For I have wandered aimlessly and alone along

The never-ending pathway of confusion and uncertainty

Hear me now as I once again call upon you, my companion

To forgive my frailties, understand my indiscretions

For I am so Lifeless and forlorn without the beauty of your love

Lying here within the heartbeat of my humanity

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
David - Viewed 3935 Times
David Devaney
August 12, 2007
There is an essence to someone
Who gives first from his heart
Caring for those most in need
As this new year does start
You first and foremost are a friend
To those who’ve touched your day
A singer most extraordinaire
With talent to display
You’ve traveled bout this wide wide world
And loves to entertain
From Music Man to Charlie Brown
So much from you we gain
You love to Karaoke too
And share a talent pure
Do use a handheld skillfully
In business I am sure
I’ve watched you grow from boy to man
And see someone unique
Then recognize your competence
In knowing what to seek
So now as birthdays reappear
I wish you great success
Knowing that when you perform
You truly will impress
© 2007 David Devaney
In Perspective - Viewed 3089 Times
David Devaney
November 15, 2007
When we put things in perspective
Is it then that we’re aware
That life unlived is dangerous
And death can us ensnare
When we only see the negative
And things are upside down
Can we overcome the doldrums
That always make us frown
When we only live in memories
Of sorrows yesterday
Are there really new tomorrows
When we go out to play
When our talent’s always hidden
In the others that we’ve met
Will we then discover who we are
Or always us forget
When love is only yesterday
With someone we once knew
Can we ever love forevermore
And all our dream come true
When sorrows finally bring a smile
And tears are tears of joy
Do we then at last discover
What others did destroy
When who we are is what we are
And this we will accept
Is it then a life begins for us
That we did once neglect
When all these things present themselves
And all are recognized
It’s then we find the spirit self
Of the we we once disguised
© 2007 David Devaney
Thanksgiving 2007 - Viewed 3159 Times
David Devaney
November 20, 2007
It’s every single star at night
The people I have known
An end to war and violence
With seeds of peace here sewn
Each day with each experience
The love of family
The fragrance of the morning rose
The always constant sea
The friends to come I have not met
And friendships I renew
The fact that God has blessed us all
And helped us life pass through
It is a child newly born
A precious little girl
The nectar of the honey bee
When they about me swirl
It is one single “Hershey Kiss”
To tantalize my thought
The dreams of all things beautiful
By which I have been caught
It is for those now passed beyond
Who mentored too my day
The love I share with everyone
That’s always on display
It is the freedom that I know
Not limited or lost
The willingness to cherish peace
Though there may be a cost
So many things I’m thankful for
But most importantly
The wonderment of every heart
Who shares this time with me
© 2007 David Devaney
Perhaps A Jimi Hendrix - Viewed 3457 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2007
We do believe in energy
That life does here renew
That time which seems most limiting
Is only passing through
We are composites of the selves
We choose to emulate
Perhaps a Jimi Hendrix
Might truly be our fate
We listened and we idolized
Then watched him rise and fall
And every day within our life
His talents we recall
We speak of him with reverence
For what he did achieve
Then tell our sons and daughters all
That in him we believe
The sound he made was mystical
His blues rocked near and far
His Fender Stratocaster
An upside down guitar
He took us from reality
Where childhood was pure
And then became a part of us
When we were insecure
And though he may have passed beyond
He never left us stiff
His essence found within our soul
As he performed each riff
He comes again and then again
His legacy not found
And though of many he is part
It’s he who did astound
So next time you are intimate
With those who’ve tasted strife
Allow their passions to reveal
The strength of endless life
© 2007 David Devaney
The Heartbeat of One Town - Viewed 3090 Times
David Devaney
December 01, 2007
At Kitty’s place each Sunday morn
Nice people gather round
To taste a bit of breakfast fare
Where happiness is found
A waffle or two easy eggs
Sweet sausage, grits and toast
You’ll hear about most anything
And get to meet the host
Miss Kitty she is always there
To greet you with a smile
And tell you tales of old Surfside
That will your heart beguile
You’ll take a chance on cherry pie
And listen as she tells
Of times she’s spent in paradise
When hurricanes brought swells
She’ll tell you too of bygone days
When bikers came to play
St. Louie and its Gateway Arch
And friends she meets each day
As fire chief she’ll twist your arm
To give a buck or two
She makes each day a better day
When you are passing through
The “Cow” it is a friendly place
A restaurant and a bar
A place for sharing memories
With people near and far
It is the heartbeat of one town
Where time has come to rest
The fountain of eternal youth
And everyone’s her guest
© 2007 David Devaney
Santa - Viewed 3075 Times
Charlotte Ingham
December 01, 2007
On Christmas day,
Everyone shouts hurray,
Santa giving toys,
To all the good girls and boys,

Flying north south east and west,
Children are hoping for the best,
Gifts for mums gifts for dads,
Not for children that are bad,

Everyone is tooked up tight,
As Rudolph leads Santa into the moonlight,
Presents are big and some are small,
Some are better than them all,

So Christmas is here,
Give a great big cheer,
As Santa rides off with all the reindeer!
© 2007 Charlotte Ingham
Chanukah Sweet Annabel - Viewed 2675 Times
David Devaney
December 05, 2007
A week has only seven days
True Chanukah has eight
To share a special history
And also celebrate
A victory of great consequence
Against each legionnaire
A beautiful Menorah
For which the people care
From Torah in Leviticus
For Mitzvah we must light
Eight candles all not flickering
This oil of delight
Pure and special moments now
Through centuries renewed
From Kislev on the twenty fifth
No spirit shall intrude
All candles they are equal
None longer than the rest
And too are sung great songs of joy
This season you are blessed
And gifts will come with Chanukah
The Dreidel’s secrets told
A story of the people seen
As tale of truth unfold
With four sides silent spinning there
Things seem to disappear
And yet this history of man
Will draw the family near
So on these days of Chanukah
For you the very first
Allow your loving family
To for the Shabbos thirst
© 2007 David Devaney
Fireworks.. - Viewed 2387 Times
March 10, 2008
Overcome with awe for him,
She leaned in and kissed him,
Fireworks in her heart,
Her body pressed against his,
Her hair fell forward,
Like a curtain,
Hiding their faces for the briefest of moments,
Before she pulled back,
Her face alight with the brightest smile,
Her eyes still closed,
As if the kiss was still going,
And maybe for her it was...
© 2008 Sheevs
Uncle Bob - Viewed 2277 Times
David Devaney
May 06, 2008
He was a man with energy
Great strength beyond compare
His heart would be his legacy
T’was love that he did share
As brother, uncle, friend and more
True happiness he’d bring
Yet still he understood that life
Might many problems bring
A man of kindness and of warmth
Though challenged through his time
He still would smile and he’d laugh
Each day would be sublime
He lived to know and understand
That true integrity
Would be his mentor and his guide
And set his spirit free
Beyond what mortal man would know
He would experience
A life well lived with truth and grace
This man of consequence
He understood that life was fair
Though not the same to all
And through these eighty years plus four
His love we most recall
So many knew him very well
He touched them with his heart
And with him in their memories
Each day does better start
He too would mentor and well guide
And often reassure
Those needing of his energy
To find life’s lasting cure
And though he was a simple man
Like him there are so few
For life with him was life well lived
With love each day brand new
© 2008 David Devaney
Anne - Viewed 2096 Times
David Devaney
May 22, 2008
You’ve counted birthdays’ one through twelve
As they did draw you near
And found true love and happiness
Would never disappear
You watched ten million stars each night
Then found that special one
That came to be that day of birth
When your life was begun
It first appeared from angel dust
Just thirteen years ago
Then all the world in wonderment
Much brighter seemed to glow
From baby to a precious child
Into your life you grew
With intellect remarkable
Your heart was always true
You’d sing and dance and celebrate
The years that touched each day
Then laughed at silly little things
When they were on display
Traveling, you touched this world
Like honey to the bee
And brought great warmth and tenderness
To every destiny
But now the dozen first you knew
Are packed away in time
For on this birthday you begin
A teenage life sublime
With knowledge growing everywhere
New friends and old new found
You’ll taste and touch and feel sweet life
As thirteen comes around
So take a moment on this day
To think and laugh and dream
Then every moment that appears
Much happier will seem.

Happy Birthday 2008
© 2008 David Devaney
Mara - Viewed 2351 Times
David Devaney
May 24, 2008
With you there is a loveliness
Beyond the starlight that is shining
Into the universe of my imaginings

There is a tenderness that softens
The pain and ends the oblivion that
Too frequently intrudes upon my reality

There is a strength and a courage
That endure through the darkness of the night
Bringing to my heart a trusting serenity

There is true patience beyond comparison
As I journey the many unending pathways
Of my certain confusion and uncertain ignorance

There is truth and fidelity
As I observe the incomparable beauty
Emanating from the heartstrings of your creativity

With you there is trust and perfection
Found so infrequent in this lifetime
That awaken daily into their ecstasy with the sun

Though our pathways may too infrequently intersect
I remain faithful, diligent and committed
To the wonderment of our special friendship

So Mote It Be
© 2008 David Devaney
rumour - Viewed 2010 Times
Charan kamal singh sahota
June 11, 2008
Sometimes i ask myself how different i can dare to be,
i looked in the eyes of fear and it got scared of me.
my love with life is long lasting,
these people and places are so contrasting.
what seperates me from them is my courage,
you can't vibrate it no matter how many times you try to discourage.
my emotins flow like a river,
the world may be large
but my emotins are bigger.
my head aches like it got tumor,
i'am mad my life is a rumour.
© 2008 Charan kamal singh sahota
étranger - Viewed 1929 Times
Lindsay Walker
August 02, 2008
look around, look around,
tell me what you find.
a lonely room, a lonely girl
tell me what youve found.

sadness. pain.
let these tears fall like rain.

little girl, take a breath,
take a deep breath.
little girl pick yourself up,
open them eyes and have a good look.

look around, look around,
tell me what you find.
a painful heart. eyes of a stranger.
tell me what youve found.
© 2008 Lindsay Walker
Silent Cries - Viewed 1772 Times
Lindsay Walker
September 16, 2007
Lets gather and dread tommorrow
bury these feelings and
hope someday they will go.

Jump in with both feet
and become someone eles,
stop starring at that reflection
and become yourself.

Crawl deep within,
go back and be yesterdays child.
all the things that will take you back,
Can I go back? Oh can I go back?

layers of lies, layers of lies
are bringing on my silent cries.
My silent words causes a
reflection of anger in these eyes.
© 2007 Lindsay Walker
Pathway. - Viewed 1417 Times
Emma Watson
October 17, 2008
I walk a lonely road, searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.
Will I ever find what I am looking for; do I have the strength to continue?

If I knew that it would come to this, it would never have existed,
This wasn’t my challenge to complete, this job was never listed.

Yet, I am caught; I’m trapped, in a world without tomorrow,
With darkness at every doorway I know my time is borrowed.

But never halt the fighting; never turn your back,
On the things you’ve always wanted, the things you feel you lack.

I’m standing tall, I’m standing proud, and I’m never backing down
Because I have found a world I love I thought would not be found.

My footsteps echo on the concrete of the pathway of my life.
© 2008 Emma Watson
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