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An Occasional Verse is Poetry for the Everyday Poet. A website devoted to enabling poets easy access to publishing their occasional verse, poetry collections, poems, lyrics, odes, songs and sonnets. Starting with the ability to post their own work on and even going as far as starting your own poetry website.

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That Man In Green - Viewed 4699 Times
Matt Bisset
September 10, 2006
I saw a man today,
Who had no need to die.
I saw a setting sun,
It’s backdrop was the sky.

I saw a flower blooming
It’s petals open wide.
Why I saw these things today
I could not decide.

I noticed things I’d never seen
Right in front of me.
A bird, a cow, a kangaroo,
An old dead barkless tree.

We pass by things of beauty,
And prettiness aplenty.
Without these things and much, much more,
Our lives would just be empty.

It makes you think ‘bout what you have,
And how long it will last.
So while you still are able,
Live life, and live it fast.

For nothing lasts forever,
Not even special things.
Even those who seem immortal,
Still fly on angels wings.

Our heroes and our icons,
Our idols and our friends.
However special they may be,
They all will pass that fatal last bend.

The bend you turn and see the line,
That’s been coming forever.
And the time that someone takes another lap,
That time is known as never.

Because no matter how hard it seems,
To contemplate the end.
The pain that comes with someone’s death,
Is a hurt that never mends.

Two weeks ago Australia,
Lost it’s greatest mate,
A guy who wanted just to help
But the stingray was too late.

To stop the amazing work,
That Steve Irwin’s done,
And when you think about that man,
The tears just run and run.

I realise now why I’d noticed,
Those thing I’d never seen.
It was that kind and loving man,
That man all dressed in green.
© 2006 Matt Bisset
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