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An Occasional Verse is Poetry for the Everyday Poet. This website is devoted to enabling poets easy access to publishing their occasional verse, poetry collections, poems, lyrics, odes, songs, and sonnets. Start with the ability to post your own work on and even go as far as starting your own poetry website.

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Today's Poem - 08/23/2017
A Future Time - Viewed 8427 Times
David Devaney
May 09, 2002
Though there is a future time, it seems to matter not,
as the ever-changing present brings forth
the morning tide of my serenity.
For buried deep within the salinity of my joy,
is the experience of an uncontrolled history.
Present moments lost within the abyss that is my yesterday.
Learned references giving guidance and not control.

I am continually aware of the always present beauty of my time,
Its energy and its warming fragrance.
The love of life that transcends in its magnitude all else,
As I share with it the essence of all life. I am alive,
not in the tomorrow of my imagination,
but in the momentary joy of each silent beat of my heart.

There, just beyond the jetty, the tide flows endlessly
and timeless across the universe of my understanding.
There is an integrity, a truth, a beauty,
and a certain recognition, absent of all fear and turmoil.
Forevermore present is this joy,
for I am a certainty in my own reality,
cognizant and aware.
© 2002 David Devaney
City of The Dark - Viewed 8066 Times
David Devaney
November 25, 2001
The shadows, they are different here,
in this city of the dark.
They seem with energy to flow
down by Cabrini Park.

Steeped with feelings ominous
the haunting does occur.
Four hundred years of history,
will restless spirits stir.

Along Dauphine and Bourbon Street,
Decatur and Rampart.
They endless through eternity
new pathways often chart.

Cemeteries don’t contain
their wanderings at night.
The Mississippi muddy still
does nurture here their flight.

The crescent moon reveals their trek
along these ancient streets.
Silently immersed in lore
of ancient pirate fleets.

And no one who does visit here
has ever been the same.
New energy commingles them
with spirits man can’t tame.

Lafite and Jackson, many more,
who marked the byways here.
Do every night at half past dusk
in New Orleans appear.
© 2001 David Devaney
Forever and Eternal - Viewed 5454 Times
David Devaney
June 15, 2000
There truly is a God who has touched our hearts with his benevolence.
Knowing only the colors of the palette of creativity,
we are the harmony in the everyday experience of our existence.

Upon the horizon, the sun rises and sets in its magnificent splendor.
always remembered, often depicted, frequently imagined,
It is the infinite rainbow of our truth and our understanding.

Life is not you nor I, male nor female; black, yellow, white, red nor brown,
Neither flora nor fauna, mountain nor stream, animate or inanimate,
but rather, the universal composition of all these things.

The symphony of color, fragrance, sound, taste and touch,
we are the silence, the whisper and the crescendo of all things one to the other.
Our incarnation is simply the acceptance of our participation.

I am because of you, and you because of me.
We are the same but uniquely different in our oneness through the soul.
This is the core of our existence and our connectedness one to the other.

There is not hate nor love, anger nor joy, war nor peace.
For these are mere moments of disparity in the timelessness of our truth.
Negatives in the thought process of dependent intellects not blended chakras.

Our oneness with the creator is our recognition and our independence.
For we are the seed and the flower, the acorn and the tree, the spark and the fire.
Forever and Eternal, we are the energy of the earth and the sea and the sky.

I am because of you and you because of me, one in recognition and in spirit.
Uniquely different but the same in our quest for knowledge, truth and love.
For it is this love, truth and understanding that is the God of all that does exist.

We are the template of our experience and the composite of our energy,
Bound only by the limitations of the uncertain acceptance of our divine participation.
For God is in us and with us and for us, “So Mote It Be”.
© 2000 David Devaney
Saint Valentine in Heaven Waits - Viewed 5738 Times
David Devaney
February 14, 2007
Now on this day true friendship
Through hearts we often see
And flowers travel through the night
Fulfilling fantasy
When cupid on each shoulder sits
His arrows filled with love
And Valentine in heaven waits
With treasures from above
When all great lovers in this world
Acknowledge who they are
With gifts of candied happiness
Now sent from near and far
When little children cards design
And share red lollipops
A day when love’s found everywhere
With rainbow chocolate tops
When all of us do life forgive
Forgetting yesterday
And every moment that’s brand new
Finds joy upon display
A day so special and unique
That only love will do
I wish you warmth and happiness
And all your dreams come true
© 2007 David Devaney
A Friend Will Call - Viewed 3929 Times
David Devaney
September 01, 2007
At times it seems life’s energy
Has some place else to go
And too the giddy up is gone
Just where you do not know
The sun does seem to never set
The heat grows stronger still
And to survive you must accept
The strength within your will
When all the rain in torrents falls
While winds do howl and scream
And shadows always reappear
As nightmares in each dream
When day and night are both the same
And dawn and dusk likewise
And every step you seem to take
You also compromise
When up is down and down is up
No matter where you are
And close is never near enough
And always very far
When illness can’t be overcome
Though you do try and try
And all the stars play hide and seek
Somewhere within the sky
When all these things are happening
And troubles you befall
It’s then a friend can end this woe
By giving you a call
It matters not the time of day
The minute or the hour
A friendly voice can end the rain
Then blossom like a flower
Eliminating all the doubt
The anguish and the fear
And bring you to a better time
As they do draw you near
Just like an angel guardian
Protecting you from harm
They bring new life and happiness
Like every lucky charm
So when you’re in the doldrums
With silence everywhere
Just wait and too a friend will call
Ending your despair
© 2007 David Devaney
Christmas dinner - Viewed 3390 Times
Charlotte Ingham
December 01, 2007
Turkeys on the table,
Everyone has a label,
There's mash and peas,
But also lots of bills and fees,

Roast potatoes and carrots too,
All the plates are shiny and new,
It all looks so nice,
The bread is all fresh and sliced,

Lovely pudding is next,
Whilst sending a Merry Christmas text,
Everyone has so much fun,
But they still can't wait to see the sun!
© 2007 Charlotte Ingham
A Journal For All Time - Viewed 3253 Times
David Devaney
December 17, 2007
I remember every moment
As if it were today
The mountaintops where we did meet
How wonderfully you’d play
I was a business vagabond
With no place I could go
Who wandered into Camelback
To hear the music flow
And instantly I understood
The purpose why we are
So I did listen as you sang
Beneath each shining star
You shared a sense of dignity
Commitment and respect
And every word that came to be
I would them all collect
I’d write them in my little book
A journal for all time
And place them in my treasure chest
Where I would let them rhyme
They brought to me a harmony
A love for things to be
Allowing me to understand
True life and fantasy
And always while I listened
I stepped into my dreams
And found a friend forevermore
Who loved me too it seems
And now as I on thoughts reflect
You often come to mind
These moments I remember
Will us forever bind
© 2007 David Devaney
Cat - A Woman of Intrigue - Viewed 8102 Times
David Devaney
January 01, 2001
I have, to infrequently experienced,
the beauty of a woman
full with the understanding,
of her own perfection.

Preconceived, not through an uncertain imagination.
She touches the stars in her dreams,
revealing there the truth
of tomorrows experience.

Cognizant of the strength of her understanding,
She is truly a beauty of this universe.
For she shares, through her inspiration,
the wonderment of this truth.

She steps beyond the present moment
with a controlled infatuation
for all that is real, dynamic,
happy, joyful and exciting.

She is life’s destiny,
Sweet, fragrant, alluring and always certain
of herself and the challenges of each moment.
For she is always filled with the laughter,
of her own inner peace.

--Written in New Orleans--
© 2001 David Devaney
What Christmas Means to Me - Viewed 1093 Times
Ruth Warren
December 26, 2010
What Christmas Means to Me
Babs Warren 1986
A.S.K. Ruth Bunch Warren

As a child, Christmas was great,
I knew I’d receive something that was
My birthday present was usually late,
But at Christmas, my joy was completed.

As a youth, Christmas had changed,
For I understood where the presents came;
We drew names and gifts were exchanged,
And we hoped those received were not the same.

Now that I’ve older grown, and a parent too,
I understand the hurt in not giving a child;
Things they’d like or desire, yet love untrue;
In spending money, reckless, and wild.

For if forgetting the Christ Child, dear one,
There’s no love to give this year;
Give more of yourself, as His Son,
And this year, you’ll live without fear.
© 2010 Ruth Warren
This Bridge to Paradise - Viewed 1627 Times
David Devaney
June 13, 2010
The bridge that leads to Paradise
Is merely two lanes wide
It arches high above the pass
Where crewboats come to hide
And from its crest you’ll always see
The Gulf in panorama
And too the village on its edge
Seems like a diorama
Most beautifully depicted there
Are jetty, shore and beach
White dappled clouds beneath blue skies
Are too within your reach
Each house likes storks on long stretched legs
Sits high above the land
While Palm Trees whisper tales of yore
Above the sugar sand
They tell of Fort Velasco Old
Its place in history
Of Pirate Treasures buried deep
And too their mystery
These sand ghosts too regale us all
With odes to fishermen
Who sailed their boats upon the sea
To not return again
They whisper too of bygone times
When surfers rode each wave
Onto great beaches endlessly
That folks now hope to save
So next time when adventuring
In search of what you’ve lost
Come ride this bridge to Paradise
It has no fee or cost


Surfside Beach, TX
© 2010 David Devaney
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