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Today's Poem - 08/23/2016
A Future Time - Viewed 5123 Times
David Devaney
May 09, 2002
Though there is a future time, it seems to matter not,
as the ever-changing present brings forth
the morning tide of my serenity.
For buried deep within the salinity of my joy,
is the experience of an uncontrolled history.
Present moments lost within the abyss that is my yesterday.
Learned references giving guidance and not control.

I am continually aware of the always present beauty of my time,
Its energy and its warming fragrance.
The love of life that transcends in its magnitude all else,
As I share with it the essence of all life. I am alive,
not in the tomorrow of my imagination,
but in the momentary joy of each silent beat of my heart.

There, just beyond the jetty, the tide flows endlessly
and timeless across the universe of my understanding.
There is an integrity, a truth, a beauty,
and a certain recognition, absent of all fear and turmoil.
Forevermore present is this joy,
for I am a certainty in my own reality,
cognizant and aware.
© 2002 David Devaney
Just Look Beyond - Viewed 5302 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2004
Life at times is difficult.
Just how will I survive?
The first commitment is to love
and keep myself alive.
To love the God whose part of me
and then to love my heart.
When human, it’s not easy done,
it’s hard to find a start.
The next is loving those close by
who love me in return.
Yet still this love does ebb and flow
as tides do beaches’ spurn.
There’s beauty too, that’s all around,
in nature’s wondrous things.
The freckles on a child’s face,
the voice that lovely sings.
In skies now dappled by great clouds
soft colored by the sun.
In childbirth, the perfect love,
as life is new begun.
So even though the days seem hard
and trouble is at hand.
Just look beyond just who you are
and firmly you will stand.
Upon this earth so full with joy
that daily can be seen.
Breathe the air of life itself
and taste the emerald green.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Wave - Viewed 5429 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
When the only thing in life’s a wave
and the next one and the next.
The troubles and the worries fade
no longer we’re perplexed.

When the ocean rises with the wind
and the tides are running high.
The only vision that is seen
is the ever changing sky.

When the surfers come to congregate
along the coastal shore.
Their church and pews are on the sea
as breakers constant roar.

When old and weary strangers trek
for miles to the sea.
Their worries and their troubles fade
with the ocean running free.

When children frolic long its edge
and build sand castle walls.
The wave will quick demolish them
as each of us recalls.

When crabs and clams do hunker down
below the roaring surf.
And sea grass elbows in the wind
as salt invades its turf.

When treasures and great pleasures come
to all who dip their toes.
There are no troubles in this world
as each wave ebbs and flows.
© 2002 David Devaney
I Am Just Who I Am - Viewed 4888 Times
David Devaney
June 27, 2002
It is so very, very hard, just being who I am,
Yet when I am just who I am, I’m unhappy who I am.
And too, it is so very hard just being whom I’m not,
And though I always want to be, I am not who I am not.

Now if I am just who I am and not who I am not,
I am who I now want to be and that is who I am.
So now that I am who I am and who I want to be,
I recognize I am again, I am just who I am.
© 2002 David Devaney
Ten Million Stars - Viewed 5091 Times
David Devaney
June 12, 2004
I saw ten million stars last night,
but wished upon just one.
I watched the waves break on the shore,
before this day was done.
I saw a great white buffalo,
soaring through the sky.
A “Snoopy Dog” with puffy ears
in heaven I did spy.
The “Dippers” large and small were there,
each moving south and west.
Then quick, a shooting star appeared.
This night it was a test.
Could I be silent and aware,
of beauty all around.
Let the wind its secrets tell,
where love is truly found.
Listen to the melodies
the nighttime breeze does play.
Taste the fragrance of the sea
brought to me this day.
And could I simply here enjoy,
The wealth of nature pure.
That God did give the universe,
to happiness restore.
© 2004 David Devaney
City of The Dark - Viewed 4734 Times
David Devaney
November 25, 2001
The shadows, they are different here,
in this city of the dark.
They seem with energy to flow
down by Cabrini Park.

Steeped with feelings ominous
the haunting does occur.
Four hundred years of history,
will restless spirits stir.

Along Dauphine and Bourbon Street,
Decatur and Rampart.
They endless through eternity
new pathways often chart.

Cemeteries don’t contain
their wanderings at night.
The Mississippi muddy still
does nurture here their flight.

The crescent moon reveals their trek
along these ancient streets.
Silently immersed in lore
of ancient pirate fleets.

And no one who does visit here
has ever been the same.
New energy commingles them
with spirits man can’t tame.

Lafite and Jackson, many more,
who marked the byways here.
Do every night at half past dusk
in New Orleans appear.
© 2001 David Devaney
Tis Great - Viewed 4939 Times
David Devaney
September 22, 2004
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
who cares so much for you.
That even when the clouds are gray,
they help to get you through.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
who gives you all you need.
To overcome each obstacle
and warns you to take heed.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
who knows how to forgive.
For here within humanity,
at times with fault we live.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
to guide us through the night.
Where darkness is our greatest fear
and loneliness our plight.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
who understands our soul.
Then eases us through stressful times,
so we can reach our goal.
‘Tis great to have a special friend,
accepting us with love.
And with whom we do dance for joy
midst starlight from above.
© 2004 David Devaney
I Found Myself - Viewed 4693 Times
David Devaney
September 01, 2003
I found myself in fantasy,
enjoying what I saw.
I met myself again today,
did history recall.

My mentors and my teachers all,
have taught me how to live.
And most important did I learn,
the need to life forgive.

No silver platter at my birth,
no jewels nor precious stone.
Just the love of family,
with it I’ve stronger grown.

Impatient was I with this path,
a step behind it seemed.
Yet through it all I did survive,
because I often dreamed.

Of God and snowcapped mountaintops,
of oceans emerald green.
Of ladies, “O’ So Beautiful”,
who came upon the scene.

I watched as childbirth revealed
three precious progeny.
Fought a war and then two wives,
longing to be free.

Served life’s time and worked for good
then found a perfect cure.
To loneliness that does exist.
for those of us unsure.

I cared for folks who cared for me
and lost a fight or two.
Knew great friendship, then it lost,
yet still I made it through.

I gave into humanity,
was scarred when I did fall.
Yet here I sit and write of things,
that still I do recall.

Lovers whom I never touched,
I knew them as a friend.
For those I touched have disappeared
too soon does passion end.

I carried all the guilt one can,
who has been Catholic raised.
Then turned to God as just a friend
and on his splendor gazed.

In simple things I saw it first,
the acorn on the tree.
The fish that swam beneath my feet
when resting in the sea.

The pelican that soared and dove,
to catch his daily fare.
The stars too numerous to count,
each night are in my care.

So many wondrous things I’ve seen,
since I did find my way.
But most of all I’ve found a friend,
whose love is on display.
© 2003 David Devaney
I Cried - Viewed 4434 Times
David Devaney
August 21, 2003
I cried again tonight my friend,
and I haven’t cried in years.
A movie of great consequence
did bring about these tears.

For no emotion have I felt
no laughter and no joy.
I’ve walked to many endless paths
and did all love destroy.

No anger and no pain had I,
no feelings understood.
The only sense that I recall
is always doing good.

I’ve fucked myself so many times
by never being here.
Then ran and hid from all I am
to quick I’d disappear.

This cold and empty callow man
forever was alone.
For many sins I’d not commit
in life I did atone.

I’d run from friendship, family,
yet nowhere could I hide.
Then call upon the wind for help
in it I did confide.

I’d whisper secrets to this wind,
my confidante at times.
And hear it in the night respond
with these poetic rhymes.

So barren and so desolate
a man of endless woe.
Lost and found upon each tear
the verse still did not flow.

So watchful be my precious friend
as life you rearrange.
And let the tears of hope become
a stimulant to change.
© 2003 David Devaney
The Love You Bring - Viewed 4540 Times
David Devaney
April 11, 2004
I thank you God for simple things,
the chance to sleep and dream.
The choice of faith you’ve given me,
though challenged it does seem.

I thank you for ten thousand stars.
They guide me through the dark.
The beauty all about me now,
the pathways you did mark.

I thank you for my progeny
and those that came before.
The gentleness of friendship true,
with love that’s strong and pure.

I thank you for my intellect.
It makes me more aware.
That life itself is full with love
ending our despair.

I thank you for the hummingbird
that through the garden flies.
Its beauty is remarkable
you never it disguise.

I thank you God for life itself
renewing with the dawn.
Its strength and too its energy,
do help me carry on.

I thank you God for all you are,
but most, the love you bring.
It’s everywhere about me now
and of it I will sing.
© 2004 David Devaney
Friends Are All Around - Viewed 4095 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2004
I’ve really never met you,
though I wish I knew you well.
Your kindness so becomes you
the future I’ll foretell.
Because the path you’ve chosen
is one where dreams come true.
Doing what you need each day
will surely get you through.
Independent yet assured
you’re patient and aware.
No moment will escape you now,
you’re almost nearly there.
Sitting top each billowed cloud
observant and fulfilled.
You feel as though the chance is now
the energy’s instilled.
So take this opportunity
to give yourself success.
Then know that friends are all around
and life, will you caress.
For special people too become
exactly whom they choose.
And you my friend do head the list
of those who will not lose.
So listen daily to your heart
and understand its need.
True love begins within oneself
to this you must take heed.
© 2004 David Devaney
Memorial Park - Viewed 3941 Times
David Devaney
September 08, 2002
I sit here by the garden park and watch
as the people pass into the mist of the evening.
I wait patiently as the sun begins its journey into the night
bringing a treasurechest of patience and love.
A child passes close by his fathers side, his steps firm,
yet tentative, as he struggles to maintain the pace.
Women, strollers in front, jog through the heavy air,
as raindrops and love bugs circle about
on this windswept summers eve.
Clouds, darkened by the afternoon sun,
whisper silently as they course the heavens
with droplets carried from the sea.
Lovers walk side by side
conversing silently with their eyes,
knowing always the eternity of their affection.
Friends briskly pace themselves to a rhythmic cadence
as tiny leashed dogs inquire about the tree bark at their nose.
Diamond golden signs stop all movement
protecting each passerby from the uncertainty
that lies just beyond the unknown.
All this happens within my grasp, within my view,
as I sit silent, the observer of things as they are
and as they were always meant to be.
© 2002 David Devaney
One Wish - Viewed 3540 Times
David Devaney
October 25, 2003
If I were granted in my life,
one wish to be fulfilled.
I’ve often wondered what I’d choose
to have this gift instilled.

Would it be love upon this earth
to with another share?
Where every moment that I know
would find them always there.

Would it be wealth beyond all dreams,
me rolling in the dough.
Where all good things I did possess
and they did doubly grow.

Would it be happiness itself
with joy my middle name?
So every step I took on earth
would be a joyful game.

Would it be friendship so unique
no tear would need be shed.
It’s all these things and many more
while through my dreams I’m led.
© 2003 David Devaney
In Their Wake - Viewed 3688 Times
David Devaney
April 09, 2005
No funeral dirge this ship of sea
traversing landed straits
As dolphins frolic near its stern
true destiny awaits.
Pelicans and seagulls too
now gliding on the wind.
The shrimp and bait-fish here abound
and here does life begin.
© 2005 David Devaney
How Many Sunrise - Viewed 3708 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2005
Two tugboats through the jetties pass,
what cargo might they meet?
Black and red and white and black
a captain in each seat.
And on horizons distant now,
a ship by pilot led.
Across the seas, its cargo stored,
need nothing more be said.
How many sunrise had it seen,
from whence had it now come?
Silently it headed north,
through redfish, shark and drum.
Observers are we all of life
but what is it we see?
True commerce passes in the night
to lands now living free.
Commodities of every ilk
so we may live and flow.
And yet we notice not it pass
as older we do grow.
For these are moments “O” so rare
that pass within our view
Never seen and never heard
as we in life rush through.
So next time you draw near a beach
with inlet to the land.
Take a moment and observe
the world from which you stand.
© 2005 David Devaney
One Man - Viewed 2727 Times
Matt Bisset
April 17, 2007
A man sits alone,
As the world rushes by.
As he slowly reads his paper,
Line by line.
For him there's no hurry,
His life is just fine.
The man is content,
To just take his time.
'Til midnight he sits,
then folds his newspaper.
He'll begin his slow journey,
sooner or later.
He stands and he looks,
At the mess that surrounds him.
The world as controlled,
By impulse, by whim.
By sad little men,
all dressed up in suits.
With there fancy briefcases,
and black shiny boots.
The ones with the money,
are the ones with the power.
While the man he just lives,
takes it hour by hour.
As the man journeys slowly,
to his nice homely flat.
He thinks to himself,
“Now how about that”
“My flat is small,
and not really clean.
But though it be nothing,
quite a lot it does mean”
For the man this is true,
For others not so.
For most money and power,
are how things must go.
Looks and appearance,
corruption, deceit.
Lie, cheat and scam,
just to stay on your feet.
For the world cares to much,
of what others say.
How much sex do you have,
just how much are you paid?
Do you weigh just six stone,
is your waist really thin.
Do you wear loads of makeup,
all over your skin.

Because the world has a view,
that the man cannot stand.
If you see another in trouble,
don't offer your hand.
Laugh at other's misfortune,
put faith in your health.
And do all you can,
to acquire much wealth.
Happiness comes,
with a truckload of money.
No longer do they care,
for the bees and their honey.
Or wide open spaces,
or green open land.
Blue skies and a rainbow,
or a beach and the sand.
Simple pleasures soon gone,
to a place a long way distant.
Once a great jungle,
gone in an instant.
The one man reaches home,
unlocks his front door.
Collapses on the couch,
for his feet are quite sore.
But his heart is joyful,
his soul sings a song.
And his happiness comes,
not from drugs and a bong.
Not from power not from sex,
just a small tuneless whistle.
As he walks to his kitchen,
with his plates covered in gristle.
But yet he is happy,
but to the world he has naught,
how can this be,
with the world's ways he has fought.
He lives in a flat,
with barely no room.
His bank account small,
he lives in the gloom.
For the world laughs at this man,
the man in the flat.
But the man cares not,
he just sits with his cat.
His cat does not judge him,
as the cruel world outside.
His cat sits and sleeps,
lies by his side.
The man turns the box on,
they call a tv.
To see what the worlds horrors,
can bring unto thee.

Another bombed city,
another law suit.
And more fancy men,
with their black shiny boots.
Supermodels walking,
their waists are too thin.
No one looks at their hearts,
but the man looks within.
Sees through the fake exterior,
the make-up and plastic.
And what lies beneath,
is no longer fantastic.
These girls once young,
and happy to boot.
Had their lives ruined with,
just a single photo shoot.
Too much emphasis today,
on the way people look.
You must look like this,
like the girl in this book.
Can no one be happy,
with what they are given.
We all are alive,
its a great chance for livin'.
Care not for the thoughts,
that other's believe.
Just escape from the world,
to a place you can breath.
Clean air fills his lungs,
where this man has been living.
Where every day he is thankful,
for the chance he was given.
To live happily,
in this place that's so pure.
Were appearance and money,
no longer adhere.
So be like this man,
live the way that he lives.
Free from the criticism,
that society gives.
So if you want to be free,
Live your own plan.
Follow this person,
live like ONE MAN.
© 2007 Matt Bisset
I Cherish To This Day - Viewed 2600 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
When I now live in ecstasy
I think of you who’ve shared
A moment of my lifetime
For whom I’ve truly cared
I think of you that I have known
Who’ve touched upon my heart
The kindling that did bring the fire
To help love better start
You live within my memories
And help to make me smile
And certain moments that we’ve known
Do too my heart beguile
Beyond true love is friendship real
I cherish to this day
And when you touch upon my dreams
My life is on display
I am so much the better soul
Since you are part of me
The inspiration to the verse
That comes creatively
How special is it to recall
These moments I did live
And love and dream and fantasize
And life and times forgive
I have become because of you
The spirit of my choice
And nightly listen to the words
Your memories do voice
There is this sense of gratitude
I share because of you
A man, a prophet, poet, seer
Whose dreams each day come true
© 2007 David Devaney
Their Silent Words - Viewed 2837 Times
David Devaney
February 04, 2007
There is a sound of whispering
Found often by the sea
The waves have conversations
As things flow naturally
They speak most of the weather
The wind, the rain, the cold
And cradle fish within their hearts
Or so I have been told
They sparkle in the sunlight
No beauty can compare
And when great storms are circling
White ruffles they all wear
They course the beaches of this world
With tides that ebb and flow
And if you with them secrets share
No one will ever know
They travel round great continents
To mingle with mankind
And bring a true serenity
That everyone can find
Caressing spirits as they rise
Who seek to know them well
Regaling surfboard victories
As stories they do tell
So many thoughts, so many dreams
Through centuries unknown
Please listen to their silent words
And be no more alone
© 2007 David Devaney
In A Purple Cow on A Highway Blue - Viewed 5970 Times
David Devaney
February 04, 2007
Now somewhere deep in Texas
Where the Brazos finds its end
And the pelicans do course the sea
As the winds great palm trees bend
Where the moon is shrouded by the clouds
That intersect the skies
And the Shrimpers troll the oceans rim
In boats their nets disguise
Where the chocolate sea begins to change
Into an aqua haze
And the people always share a smile
With spirits that amaze
Where the barges ply the inland way
With no wake often seen
And the bridges arch upon a land
Forevermore bright green
Where the streets all end upon the sea
And the sand crabs reappear
And everyone becomes your friend
When first you do appear
Where breakfast wears a purple hue
And always tastes sublime
And the sunshine is not far away
As you pass back into time
Where love does permeate the air
And happiness is pure
And E. M. T’s do Surfside proud
When life is so unsure
It’s here a gal remarkable
Does own a friendly bar
Painted purple by the sea
With a cow its only star
And too you’ll find Ms Kitty there
For few like her exist
Her hair a little pink and gold
With warmth you can’t resist
An extra special friendly gal
Who shares each day her heart
In a Purple Cow on a Highway Blue
Is the place where dreams do start
© 2007 David Devaney
Now Gone - Viewed 2758 Times
David Devaney
March 13, 2007
I soar as though a butterfly
Beyond the amber sun
Nurturing the beauty there
Before my time is done
The wind does whisper silently
A herald to each day
As mountains, seas and forests green
All end mankind’s dismay
New treasures rare and mystical
Revealed each day at dawn
Allow them to embellish you
Before they are now gone
© 2007 David Devaney
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