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Today's Poem - 05/22/2017
A Bloody Mary Morning - Viewed 8894 Times
David Devaney
January 01, 2003
Salt and celery fill each glass
with juice and vodka clear.
The bloody Mary afterglow
helps headaches disappear.
Of every age they come in droves
to seaside ocean grills.
Where shrimp and catfish menu fare
help satiate their wills.
To piers extending o’er the sea
so many folks do come.
To end the aches from yester-eve
that beat now like a drum.
So if my friend you elbows bend
with dance and song and cheer.
Know the feelings of this joy
in mornings reappear.
© 2003 David Devaney
A Future Time - Viewed 7986 Times
David Devaney
May 09, 2002
Though there is a future time, it seems to matter not,
as the ever-changing present brings forth
the morning tide of my serenity.
For buried deep within the salinity of my joy,
is the experience of an uncontrolled history.
Present moments lost within the abyss that is my yesterday.
Learned references giving guidance and not control.

I am continually aware of the always present beauty of my time,
Its energy and its warming fragrance.
The love of life that transcends in its magnitude all else,
As I share with it the essence of all life. I am alive,
not in the tomorrow of my imagination,
but in the momentary joy of each silent beat of my heart.

There, just beyond the jetty, the tide flows endlessly
and timeless across the universe of my understanding.
There is an integrity, a truth, a beauty,
and a certain recognition, absent of all fear and turmoil.
Forevermore present is this joy,
for I am a certainty in my own reality,
cognizant and aware.
© 2002 David Devaney
Bob Walker’s Country Café - Viewed 6141 Times
David Devaney
September 08, 2002
Bob’s cafe in Galveston
sits on the white capped gulf.
As people come to taste it’s fare
and let their pressures off.

Checkered table cloths in red,
a buffet line for all.
As antiques from the ceiling hang
and from most every wall.

The window opens up on rails,
so breezes will invade.
The sea air, sun, and rolling surf,
do all around cascade.

Surf boards mounted on the wall,
a counter, window seats.
And friendly folks from near and far
do taste the breakfast treats.

Houses strung on Antique Ave
are everywhere now seen.
Smokers sitting to the west
the railings white and green.

Murals, fish and flying cows,
an east wall breaking wave.
Smiling long haired waitresses
do all their tips now save.

For on the seawall Bob’s does share
great camaraderie.
To all who cross its threshold warm
here by the Texas sea.
© 2002 David Devaney
In Heaven’s Speak - Viewed 6641 Times
David Devaney
October 07, 2004
I truly do believe that lives
do intersect in time.
Through centuries is love renewed
making life sublime.
Genetic it is thought to be,
for me it’s spirit led.
The physical must go away
the heart is never dead.
Now people talk in heaven’s speak
of pure eternity.
Where God and friends do poker play
with hands dealt perfectly.
And every one wins every game
just cause they’re hanging there.
With all their troubles left behind
they never have a care.
So when our spirits intersect
another time on earth.
Perhaps we all can recollect
another special birth.
When we were friends and lovers too
at times so long ago.
So now when once again we meet
true love does stronger grow.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Backward Haunted House - Viewed 5797 Times
David Devaney
October 13, 2004
The cellar’s in the attic
The garage is on the porch
The house has no electric
Each room, a single torch
The bedroom has a kitchen sink
The bathroom has no tub.
And in the parlor fireplace
Are brushes used to scrub.
The chandelier is made of silk,
Each wall of candlesticks.
The drawers all hold the dental floss
That furniture does fix.
The ghosts do live beneath the stairs
Behind a secret door.
The goblins wander through the halls
Cause scaring is their chore.
The witch’s mix their secret brew
In cauldrons made of wax.
There are no windows anywhere
The door’s held on by tacks.
The dining room has two old cars
One purple and one pink.
And in the pantry one dead bat
That certainly does stink.
The carpets are of cobwebs made
With spiders all around.
And in a rocker near the den
Count Dracula is found.
His buddy Frankenstein alone
The balcony does hold.
And Halloween comes every night
The wind blows strong and cold.
For here in this old Haunted House
The weird meets the confused.
Upside down and backward rooms
Keeps all the guests amused.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Twilight Star - Viewed 6541 Times
David Devaney
January 01, 2003
There is a twilight, just before the last ray of sunlight
settles over the horizon, when only a few stars have
the energy to touch the world with their beauty.

It is during this brief respite, between the days end
and the nights beginning, that I think of
the precious person that you are.

You are the twilight star in my life,
gently guiding me with your wisdom to new adventures,
where the sunlight warms the heartbeat of each new day.

Caring, loving and committed, you bring an energy
of enlightenment, courage and perseverance,
into a world of uncertainty and confusion.

I have grown to love your presence in my life,
appreciate your honesty and compassion,
and enjoy the pursuit of the dreams that we have shared.

My poetry flows with a new energy since you entered my world.
I wish only that the joyous intersection of our lives
would occur more frequently in my everyday experience.

I know certain that your energy is for me an inspiration.
With it I touch the timeless universe that is my joy
acknowledging it through my creativity and my love.

May each day of your life be a rainbow of colors,
fresh and warm with the fragrance of spring,
bringing you always, the courage to succeed.
© 2003 David Devaney
Houston - Viewed 7128 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2004
City of Energy, City of friends,
City of the heart where humanity blends.
City on the Bay, City of the bold.
A small town city where they found black gold.
City of the people, City of the moon,
City of the cowboy where the good folks spoon.
City of NASA, City of the Dome,
City of two loops, where I write this tome.
City of religion, City of love,
City of the Shuttle that soars above.
City of the bayous, City of Wealth.
City of great Doctors who restore all health.
City of the “Astros”, City of hope
City of the “Rocket”, can the Yankees cope.
City of the Yao, City of Hakeem,
City of compassion, fulfilling each dream.
City of champions, City of the “Heights”,
City of “Montrose” that lives for the nights.
City of great theater, City of football.
City of a port where great vessels call.
City of the humid, City of the hot,
City of great beauty the nation’s forgot.
City of millions, City of the few.
City of neighbors old and new.
City of great Rodeo, City of peace,
City of Mac of the mattress crease.
City of the people, City of their seed,
City of the country, fulfilling its need.
City of success, City at ease.
This city of the future, does its citizens please.
© 2004 David Devaney
Precipice of Life - Viewed 6777 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2004
There are thresholds along the pathways of my history.
Misted highways above the ocean’s kingdom
challenging me each day
in the pursuit of my imagination.

Strengthened by the energy of the sea, no obstacle,
no mountain nor canyon, no cliff nor forest,
no desert nor darkness nor fear,
will deter me in the pursuit of my destiny.

The beauty, however, is in the journey,
as the winds whisper their message of courage
and spread the fragrance of their enthusiasm
through the blossoming flowers of my potential.

It is not the completion of this escapade
lengthened by the vagaries of age and uncertainty
but the journey itself, wherein I find
the saline aroma of my satisfaction.

I am but the pilgrim emerging from the sea of my childhood
traversing the beaches of my adolescence,
and climbing, inch by inch,
through the plateaus of my maturity.

As I now face the precipice of life,
I turn to see the exquisite beauty of my existence.
through the challenged successes that are,
now and evermore, my reality.

The byways of my future have often been shrouded
by the mists of my uncertainty.
Yet now I traverse joyfully through the archways,
to my denouement.
© 2004 David Devaney
Their Secrets Kept - Viewed 6394 Times
David Devaney
April 08, 2005
When first you heard the silence
or anything at all.
Was it the wind upon the sea
and waves you most recall.
And did they whisper of the stars
and share their secrets kept.
Or was the stillness silent too
as quietly you slept.
And did you hear a pelican
or seabird by the shore.
And was this true serenity
the always perfect cure.
Or did you listen motionless
as nature was revealed.
With shadowed birds upon the sea
true fate is finally sealed.
© 2005 David Devaney
The Ebb and Flow - Viewed 5587 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
As I now watch the seabirds soar
upon the cresting sea
And hear the breaking ocean waves
there is a subtlety
To nature and its wonderment
its beauty and its grace
So privileged I the visitor
to this a magic place
Where people gather to become
childlike and true
The sea with all its energy
the sky forever blue
There’s clarity and purity
sunsets and starlit skies
The whispered softness of the wind
that no one need disguise
It is the perfumed fragrance found
the dolphins as they glide
The certain beauty constant now
that never seems to hide
A treasure chest of hidden dreams
that never disappear
The sun’s caress and moon’s embrace
that always draws us near
It is the cornucopia
of life that all should feel
The ebb and flow of perfect love
that nature does reveal
© 2007 David Devaney
Heaven Most Importantly - Viewed 5273 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2007
Heaven is a thought away
A breath or just a wink
How wonderful imagining
It could be green or pink
It is for me simplicity
The fact that I’m alive
A moment in my history
When I for life did strive
Heaven is the treasure chest
Of everyone I’ve known
The fact that in my memories
I never am alone
So many special people too
Who’ve touched upon my mind
And linger neath my cranium
Where dreams are always kind
Heaven is the paradise
That I now recognize
No need to hide it in a trunk
Or dress it in disguise
It is the recognition
That God is here with me
And knowing that his passion
has set my spirit free
Heaven is so many things
Like picnics on the beach
And all the love that we can share
That’s always within reach
An end to wars so tragic
The birth of common sense
The fact that we can live our lives
With truth and no pretense
And Heaven most importantly
Is when we finally say
Dear God I love you most of all
I’ll be with you today
© 2007 David Devaney
In A Purple Cow on A Highway Blue - Viewed 10051 Times
David Devaney
February 04, 2007
Now somewhere deep in Texas
Where the Brazos finds its end
And the pelicans do course the sea
As the winds great palm trees bend
Where the moon is shrouded by the clouds
That intersect the skies
And the Shrimpers troll the oceans rim
In boats their nets disguise
Where the chocolate sea begins to change
Into an aqua haze
And the people always share a smile
With spirits that amaze
Where the barges ply the inland way
With no wake often seen
And the bridges arch upon a land
Forevermore bright green
Where the streets all end upon the sea
And the sand crabs reappear
And everyone becomes your friend
When first you do appear
Where breakfast wears a purple hue
And always tastes sublime
And the sunshine is not far away
As you pass back into time
Where love does permeate the air
And happiness is pure
And E. M. T’s do Surfside proud
When life is so unsure
It’s here a gal remarkable
Does own a friendly bar
Painted purple by the sea
With a cow its only star
And too you’ll find Ms Kitty there
For few like her exist
Her hair a little pink and gold
With warmth you can’t resist
An extra special friendly gal
Who shares each day her heart
In a Purple Cow on a Highway Blue
Is the place where dreams do start
© 2007 David Devaney
New Light - Viewed 4790 Times
David Devaney
February 06, 2007
As I do take one moment now
To wonder where I’ve been
I seem to understand the fact
In life it’s hard to win
I try to work with diligence
But give more than I should
And when exhaustion takes its hold
To change, I wish I could
I work beyond the normal day
Yet further get behind
I am a fool who is confused
To life I seem now blind
Fearful that I cannot change
But knowing that I must
I need the courage to succeed
One soul that I can trust
Some say this habit is no good
There is no love or peace
I need to challenge me myself
To now this pain release
I do these things with little thought
But to life just react
Yet much too soon I lose control
Then tolls life does exact
I turn to God then turn away
Though he does love me so
I wish I had his strength of heart
To make time better flow
I must now change just to survive
Or soon my days will close
And though I frequent cry out loud
This curse life does impose
So now again I ask for help
Forgiveness and true love
For only God can change these ways
With help from him above
So call my name my precious friend
And lead me through this night
Though dark and endless it does seem
With you there is new light
© 2007 David Devaney
Alone and Forlorn - Viewed 4860 Times
David Devaney
February 21, 2007
I have at this moment begun to recognize
that life has certain limitations
which have been identified by my
over commitment to the insecurity
of my very existence

I am because God has allowed me to be
and I grow because he has given me
the wisdom to understand that he will always be
my raison d’etre, my reality
and the wonderful purpose of my being

I do, however, lose sight of his wonderment
and so often drown in the tears of my humanity
where he allows my choices to be my own
my decisions to be my uncertainty
and my confusion to be my denouement

It is only when I fall deep into the abyss
that is the depression of my existence
that I am able to ask for his strength,
and his forgiveness so that I may recover
the spirit of fulfillment that I seek to be

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
Future? Past? - Viewed 4753 Times
Hal Ethridge
May 11, 1983
In day-dreams deep the Earth I see,
before Man came, (or after he
had gone to what fate meant for him),
in ancient past or future dim.

The Earth is dust, no foot-prints show.
In quiet beauty rivers flow.
Is Man to come or has he past?
It matters not, the dice are cast.

And Man for just this moments glory,
his birth or passing, just a story.
His dreams and plans of "future? past?"
Have been, may be, but will not last
© 1983 Hal Ethridge
Finally Aware - Viewed 3763 Times
David Devaney
August 13, 2007
It’s been for sixty years or more
That I have lived this way
A little bit unsynchronized
Emotions on display
My mind was out of parallel
My actions undefined
The walls began to close on me
I lost my stable mind
Anxiety would take control
So empty and alone
Obsessively opposed to change
No time to call my own
Forever I’d not understand
The things which had occurred
That it had been inherited
Seemed clearly quite absurd
Yet as the opportunities
For life and happiness
Did disappear while I did age
I found a new distress
The loneliness and emptiness
Anxiety does bring
These patterns echoed in my mind
Great bells would constant ring
T’was then the angel part of me
A brother also scarred
Revealed the cause and consequence
Of things I might discard
He told me it was in the genes
In many forms diverse
A true addiction to a way
That brings a mental curse
So with this information stored
I’ll slowly make the change
Then dedicate my every day
To actions rearrange
© 2007 David Devaney
Persistence - Viewed 3380 Times
David Devaney
November 15, 2007
Persistence is the constancy
That every one should know
And understand as they step
Into the horizon that is their existence

It is the strength and courage to pursue
In spite of overwhelming odds
That fatigues even the strongest
Of those in pursuit of their dreams

It is the courage to commit
The energy to continue
And the willingness to accept
The satisfactions of each given moment

It is the heart and stamina
Of everyone of us not clouded
By the avarice of our gilded surroundings
Which intrude continuously upon our happiness

Persistence is inspiration
It is creativity and fulfillment
It is the ability to recognize
The innate talent that is ours alone

It is love and its commitment
Not merely through recognition
But most importantly through
The effort we make for it to be fulfilled

It is spirituality and humanness
It is the goodness in mankind
And true forgiveness shared
Because we are whom we choose to be

It is you and I and our heartbeats
It is each breath we take
It is each moment that we live
And most importantly of all
It is the acceptance of who we are

So Mote It Be
© 2007 David Devaney
The Heartbeat of One Drum - Viewed 3050 Times
David Devaney
September 01, 2003
I’ve searched and searched most all my life
for one to stand beside.
A heart to share my fantasy
in whom I could confide.
A friend, a lover, confidante
who’d take my hand in theirs.
And love me for just what I am,
someone who always cares.
We’d talk a bit and laugh a lot
and wander hand in hand.
Through our dreams and ecstasies,
she would beside me stand.
We’d know that passion was for real,
yet love was so much more.
An inspiration she would be
for loneliness a cure.
We’d walk together side by side,
yet independent be.
Understand that we’re unique,
with needs for living free.
I’d hold her in my arms so tight,
we’d both blend into one.
Joined as friends and lovers too,
before each day was done.
Commingled beings in our thoughts,
our passions and our dreams.
By mystical agreement,
we’d plan our lover’s schemes.
We’d know of God and nature pure,
and talk with both a bit.
Touch the clouds and ride the stars,
like gloves our lives would fit.
Her beauty would be recognized
and all the world would know.
Kindness, friendship and respect,
would from her constant flow.
Lovers we would always be,
in many different ways.
Our hearts and prayers and intellects
would intersect our days.
Facing many challenges,
in life that daily come.
Together we would resonate
the heartbeat of one drum.
I’d know to share her talents pure
with those who were in need.
Not possessing who she is
our love would plant the seed.
Of happiness for all the world,
who touched upon our day.
For loving her would too reveal
great treasures on display.
Yet still I search and search this world
for one to love with me.
To touch the earth, the sea, the sky,
our love would set us free.
I’ve called to her ten thousand times,
then turned and ran in fear.
Yet once again as life does wane,
I seek to draw her near.
So if you hear and feel my cry
and understand my ilk.
Come let us truly lovers be,
a weave of finest silk.
Interwoven in our thoughts,
so soft yet colorful.
Together we will here become
an ever perfect jewel.
© 2003 David Devaney
Mara - Viewed 2613 Times
David Devaney
May 24, 2008
With you there is a loveliness
Beyond the starlight that is shining
Into the universe of my imaginings

There is a tenderness that softens
The pain and ends the oblivion that
Too frequently intrudes upon my reality

There is a strength and a courage
That endure through the darkness of the night
Bringing to my heart a trusting serenity

There is true patience beyond comparison
As I journey the many unending pathways
Of my certain confusion and uncertain ignorance

There is truth and fidelity
As I observe the incomparable beauty
Emanating from the heartstrings of your creativity

With you there is trust and perfection
Found so infrequent in this lifetime
That awaken daily into their ecstasy with the sun

Though our pathways may too infrequently intersect
I remain faithful, diligent and committed
To the wonderment of our special friendship

So Mote It Be
© 2008 David Devaney
Mara Inspired - Viewed 2505 Times
David Devaney
June 12, 2008
If in each moment of our hearts
New lifetimes we could share
I’d bring to you a universe
With love beyond compare
We’d ride the “Milky Way” through time
And watch new rainbows form
Then capture every fantasy
With love to keep us warm
We’d tiptoe into Paradise
But only stay a while
For beauty such as yours is rare
And would this world beguile
We’d listen to each lullaby
That morning birds do sing
Then capture sunbeams with our thoughts
As they new hopes did bring
We’d tickle every fantasy
Bring laughter to each day
And on each star that coursed the sky
We would our dreams display
We’d perfume every garden
With fragrance uncompared
And let the world partake of love
That truly must be shared
We’d never feel the darkness
That often comes with time
And only know sweet passion rare
So gentle and sublime
We’d never look for diamonds
Nor jewels of any ilk
For in the loveliness you are
We’d find most precious silk
Woven into happiness
True love and dreams come true
Then every heart that touched your own
Would find each day brand new
And every dawn would sparkle green
With faith and hope and love
Sharing life’s eternity
With angels from above

© 2008 David Devaney
With No Place Yet To Go - Viewed 1274 Times
David Devaney
April 28, 2009
I’ve lost all hope in life itself
And live through emptiness
Inside out and upside down
I need a fond caress
Someone to love me as I am
And too as I do change
To help me find a better path
And life now rearrange
I need someone to touch my soul
My energy my dream
And help to brighten every day
Then end this lonely scheme
I hope to find her in my time
Before my hours fade
Tasting touching who she is
And all her thoughts invade
I’ve wandered aimless much too long
With no place yet to go
Perhaps in dreams she will appear
And make life better flow
So now I say a special prayer
Thanksgivings for true love
In hopes that God will hear my cry
With blessings from above
A thimble full of angel dust
To sparkle each new day
And too a woman full with dreams
To with me ever stay

So Mote It Be

© 2009 David Devaney
He Loves Me - Viewed 5686 Times
October 30, 2006
I am His daughter, My Father's own,
anointed in route to join His thrown.
Guided along whith His firm direction,
While gently molded to His perfection...

Joyous laughter in my heart shall sing,
protection of His love from heaven bring.
Telling all that my father's given today,
Words so many could not begin to say...

Captured elation of hevenly bliss abound,
Through Him all that love truly surround.
God sent treasures that I've received,
Blessed favorly for He has chosen me...

Yes, I am my Father's chosen child,
The one He nurtured as life went wild.
He forgave me, He loves me,
I know it's true,
More wonderful my friend,
He loves you too...

By: Judith A. Warren-Wright
© 2006 2wings
My Gardener, My Lord - Viewed 4620 Times
Like the flowers of my garden left
dorment and cold,
preperation and nurturing brings
radiant colors so bold.
Anticipation of new growth
delight my heart so joyous,
I'm made new with my Lord,
abiding in Him so Glorious.

Bless You! My Gardener, My Lord!

He waters my soul with His blood
to refresh my mind,
removing the weeds of sin,
He leaves tranquility behind.
Pruning all that which has withered and over taken,
Delicately He restores, desiring
none be forsaken.

Praise You! My Gardener, My Lord!

Yes His wonders in my garden grow,
uplifting my heart,
Transforming new life abundance,
for sin he will depart.
Henceforth, I too blossom in His knowledge,
grace and love,
As I am prepared on earth,
I'll flourish in Heaven Above.

Thank You! My Gardener, My Lord!

By Judith A. Warren-Wright
© 2wings
Ten Million Stars - Viewed 7871 Times
David Devaney
June 12, 2004
I saw ten million stars last night,
but wished upon just one.
I watched the waves break on the shore,
before this day was done.
I saw a great white buffalo,
soaring through the sky.
A “Snoopy Dog” with puffy ears
in heaven I did spy.
The “Dippers” large and small were there,
each moving south and west.
Then quick, a shooting star appeared.
This night it was a test.
Could I be silent and aware,
of beauty all around.
Let the wind its secrets tell,
where love is truly found.
Listen to the melodies
the nighttime breeze does play.
Taste the fragrance of the sea
brought to me this day.
And could I simply here enjoy,
The wealth of nature pure.
That God did give the universe,
to happiness restore.
© 2004 David Devaney
From Slumber Rose - Viewed 6905 Times
David Devaney
April 10, 2005
Silent slowing silhouettes
did suddenly appear.
At first I did not recognize
what was now drawing near.
I stood my ground as ominous
this demon breached the strait.
Colored gray, as was the fog,
my fears would not abate.
I could not see the vessels name
this misting April day.
The sun had not from slumber rose
night’s edge was on display.
I first had seen the pilot boat,
it solitary rode.
Through the jetty, into dawn,
it had not then foretold.
These tales of every buccaneer, pirate’s ship and ghost
Sailing through these Texas seas
of conquest they do boast.
For when the mist and fog are found
along the jetty’s edge.
Life’s destiny is fearful felt
by every mate and pledge.
© 2005 David Devaney
Silence - Viewed 8347 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Silence is a treasure rare
so few appreciate.
When the sun does break the dawn
no noise is at our gate.

The wind upon the cresting surf
allows no sound to flow.
The birds in flight so high above
bring voices we don’t know.

The fish that swim so deep below
in fathoms silently.
Do speak in tongues not understood
by all who hear and see.

So many things do quietly
exist upon this earth.
If only we could realize
this joy begins at birth.
© 2002 David Devaney
Heart Child - Viewed 6776 Times
David Devaney
July 29, 2002
So many years have come and gone
and still the love does grow.
A daughter, friend and confidante,
who helps life better flow.

Full with love and patience rare,
she understands each need.
To live in joyful ecstasy
and share a special creed.

Giving of our hearts and minds,
loving as we do.
Understanding many things,
the sky’s forever blue.

Distant though we now may be,
in thought we’re heart to heart.
Though troubled times and empty nights,
too long kept us apart.

Yet just beyond the morning sun
that rises warm and clear.
You’ll find us joyful with each thought,
the beauty and her seer.

Seeing happiness and warmth,
for every day yet known.
With her my life is now complete,
I’ll never be alone.

For daughters’ are such special breeds,
unique in every way.
Capturing their father’s hearts,
with love that’s on display.
© 2002 David Devaney
Without You Friend - Viewed 7498 Times
David Devaney
September 12, 2003
How would I live without you friend,
desolate and cold?
You bring the sunlight to my day
let happiness unfold.

Where would I be without you friend,
if I was all alone?
Nowhere in this somewhere land,
to for my life atone.

Could I survive without you friend,
with no love in my life?
I doubt that I could carry on
midst all this woe and strife.

How would I feel without you friend,
if the moon did disappear?
And the stars no longer shone at night
on an evening crystal clear.

Might I survive without you friend,
to live another day?
Still I would never know the love
that you so oft display.
© 2003 David Devaney
A Woman of Intrigue - Viewed 8360 Times
David Devaney
August 23, 2003
If I were younger I’d pursue
a woman of intrigue.
I’d do whatever it would take
to join her special league.

Where happiness it does abound
neath every single star.
And skies they are forever blue
no matter near nor far.

Her smile, it would radiate
as does the morning sun.
And life becomes a special place
for it has now begun.

I’d walk with her along the path
that leads into each heart.
Hold her tight and whisper words
to help her joy to start.

And she would walk with special grace
a step above the earth.
If only she could know my heart
for me would come rebirth.

A mentor, confidante and guide
this woman I’d call friend.
If she could touch me with her smile
my life will never end.
© 2003 David Devaney
A Thought Away - Viewed 3589 Times
David Devaney
September 03, 2007
I often think of waterfalls
Great rainbows and the sea
The stars that shine throughout the night
The blessings given me
I watch the sun as it does rise
To all the earth reveal
And taste the fragrance of the dawn
Then so much better feel
I listen to its heartbeat sounds
So rhythmic and so pure
Not knowing what this day might bring
Or for me hold in store
No need to ere imagine life
For always it is new
And even when the nighttime comes
Its beauty passes through
So many wondrous joyful things
Are here within my reach
And every single one of them
Does many lessons teach
The first is true awareness
That they can all exist
That I have seen them in my time
Where beauty oft is missed
The fact that I can share them too
The pine cone and the flower
The fragrance of an autumn rain
The minutes in each hour
So many things that God has made
In which I do partake
And most importantly of all
I should not them forsake
The rivers that through forests flow
Each creature he has made
The walrus and the butterfly
That do our lives pervade
The orchid and the marigold
The honeysuckle vine
The wonderment of life itself
That starlight does refine
I see this beauty everyday
Of it please be aware
It’s only just a thought away
When you are standing there
© 2007 David Devaney
Most Feminine - Viewed 7063 Times
David Devaney
January 24, 2004
Surely there must be a God
who guides us through the night.
She brings to us a restful bliss
is never out of sight.

She lies there just beneath our brow,
her warmth does rest our eyes.
She never needs to hide from us
or wear a strange disguise.

‘Tis sleep she brings and special dreams,
new hopes, the morning sun.
Awakening our energy,
with her ,life has begun.

Her beauty is magnificent,
unique and O’ so rare.
She brings us grace and love and strength.
For us, she’s always there.

And too, she is most feminine,
Gentle, kind and pure.
No hatred comes nor anger now,
our ailments she does cure.

For she is light and energy,
the freshness of the rain.
And since she is a part of us,
there is a new refrain.

Full with beauty, patience rare,
sanctity and grace.
Because she enters every heart,
new love we all can trace.
© 2004 David Devaney
A Menagerie of Beauty - Viewed 8606 Times
David Devaney
November 01, 2002
I do not now,
nor have I ever understood
the blending of so many
unique and different,
yet wonderful personalities
into a treasured existence.

None is the critique
nor the criticism,
for all are accepted
as they choose to be,
uniquely special
in their choice
of style and existence.

Non conforming in a world
of wasted conformity.
Joyful in the knowledge
of their choice to be as they are
and not as others would
perceive them to properly be.

They are accepted in this world
of the forceful and the condemned.
They are true to the style of being
that allows the individual to be as they are
and as they choose to be.

Not now nor ever
part of the shepherd society
that leads to the slaughter
of the personality
and the destruction
of the dream.
They are rather
the essence and the life
of its fulfillment.
© 2002 David Devaney
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