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An Occasional Verse is Poetry for the Everyday Poet. This website is devoted to enabling poets easy access to publishing their occasional verse, poetry collections, poems, lyrics, odes, songs, and sonnets. Start with the ability to post your own work on and even go as far as starting your own poetry website.

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Today's Poem - 10/23/2016
In Between - Viewed 6102 Times
David Devaney
January 01, 2003
Am I somewhere in between,
Or must I here remain?
Has the sun now set for me,
Or will I new hope gain?

Have I reached the mountaintop,
Of life as it is known?
Are horizons only dreams,
Or will new seeds be sewn?

Will I to the canyon fall,
Nevermore to climb?
Is this day my destiny,
Or will there be more time?

Did I talents recognize,
Or all of them ignore?
Can I reach beyond myself,
Not knowing what’s in store?

Will I face my consequence,
And in my thoughts confide?
Do I know the answer yet,
Or will I from it hide?

Will I wash the tears away,
That stain and taint my eart?
Is their hope that I can see,
When better days will start?

These are questions for me now,
The answer is but one.
If only I can be myself,
Will life have here begun.
© 2003 David Devaney
As People Do - Viewed 5415 Times
David Devaney
October 27, 2003
I chased you through the universe
no time came into play.
Our stars commingled near the sun
beside the Milky Way.
Our spirit and our energy,
were one upon the moon.
Where happiness is nightly seen
and love can’t come too soon.
As one we entered too a cloud
where rainbows touch the earth.
Then rode it to our pot of gold
to find true loves rebirth.
We stepped both naked into life
to go our separate ways.
Though years apart we’d meet again
to energize our days.
You as woman, I as man
would know great love and more.
Touch ten million hearts and souls
with life so very pure.
For in the heavens we began
as starlit energy.
Traveled through the universe
our souls forever free.
Blending into human form
in life as people do.
To find for all eternity
a love forever new.
© 2003 David Devaney
The Night - Viewed 5435 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
When the day turns into evening
and the sun finds solace
on the other side of nowhere,
the stars sparkle with the freshness
of an evergreen forest.

Twilight has come to the day
as the creatures of the night
rise from their momentary rest
to begin the foraging and the feast.

The darkness quick appears
then disappears into itself
as shadows obscure all
that is visible by the light of day.

Across the ocean,
the moon sparkles the cresting waves,
before it is enveloped by the clouds
brought by the ever changing wind.

The beauty of the universe
is quick swallowed up
in the developing darkness
as colors and visions
disappear into its depth.

The hand searching out for guidance,
too, is obscured
but an arms length
from the tip of our being.

This is the night,
sullen and beautiful,
silent and austere,
simple and solitary,
full with the wonderment
of a now only imagined world.
© 2002 David Devaney
Wheel to Wheel - Viewed 5848 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Wheel to wheel, of every age,
they came to course the boards.
A rainbow colored tapestry
they are the cycling hordes.

The thin, the fat, the tall, the short
the old and too, the young.
Front to back and rim to rim
along the boards they’re strung.

So many clicking through their gears
though many do without.
Pedals all go round and round
As they with joy do shout.
© 2002 David Devaney
My Butterfly - Viewed 4316 Times
David Devaney
February 28, 2002
I saw a stained glass butterfly,
Upon the summer’s wind.
Its beauty was a gift from God,
that helped my day begin.

It soared midst flowers beautiful
Sun sparkled and unique.
Touched the heaven’s essence pure
As I did treasures seek.

I see it everywhere I go,
Upon the ocean’s crest.
Within the shadow of the moon
On every daily quest.

It lingers just behind my eyes
Always near at hand.
My butterfly is dreams pursued
No matter where I stand.
© 2002 David Devaney
As I May - Viewed 5106 Times
David Devaney
September 08, 2004
I’d like an opportunity
to love you as I may.
To take you through the universe
and share with you each day.
Accepting challenges in life
no others understand.
Sharing hopes, fulfilling dreams,
throughout this freedom land.
We’d capture every memory,
this world had ever known.
Climb mountains to their snow capped rim
and never be alone.
We’d tiptoe silent through the night,
play shadow hide and seek.
Let the moonlight be our guide
across each frozen peak.
We’d wander with no destiny,
save where our hearts would lead.
Know that friendship would provide
all that we’d ever need.
We’d know of God and of his grace,
find answers to each prayer.
Bring happiness to all in need
ending their despair.
It’s all these things and more we’d do
if only now in time.
We shared this opportunity,
for life to be sublime.
© 2004 David Devaney
K-A-R-E-M-E-L-I-A - Viewed 4522 Times
David Devaney
March 26, 2004
“K” is for the “Kindness”
you’ve shown me from the start.
“A” is for the “Attitude”
that strengthens now my heart.
“R” is “Recognition”.
you give like none before.
“E” is for your “Energy”
the always perfect cure.
“M” is for “Magnificent”.
It’s how you make me feel.
“E” is the “Emotion”
your never ending zeal.
“L” is for the “Love” you send
that fills my every day.
“I” is for the “Innocence”
that’s often on display.
And last the “A” that end it all
so full with warmth and love.
“K”A”R”E”M”E”L”I”A” in my life
an angel from above.
© 2004 David Devaney
A Secret Garden - Viewed 3502 Times
David Devaney
January 24, 2004
When I walk solitary along the pathway of my life,
I am not then, nor will I ever be alone.
There is a world about me that is ever changing and abundant.
A secret garden magnificent, that is always present
and of which I am constantly aware.

Its beauty is never hidden from my view
even by the sea borne mists of the morning
or the shrouded evening fog. For its true essence
always radiates in the fragrance of my imagination
and my memories of its wonderment.

It is not merely the flowers blossoming in my heart
but more so the treasures hidden in the heartbeat
of those I have yet to meet. Their love will someday
energize my fantasies and guide my musings
as I find revelation in their innocence.

I am a child in the eternity of my own existence
guided often by the creator god who has identified
the unlimited potential of my capacity
to imagine, to dream and to exist in time.
He is my seer and I am his lyre in harmony forevermore.
© 2004 David Devaney
Of My Endeavors - Viewed 3141 Times
David Devaney
April 13, 2007
There truly is a God of my endeavors and my devotion
who brings to me the enlightenment that I need
to understand my “Raison d’etre”, the why of who I am

He accepts me always for my frailties and forgives me
my indiscretions as I allow my humanity to intrude upon
the divinity of perfect life which he has shared

I am in need of his love and his patience, his commitment
and his guidance, as I wander too often, aimless and alone,
through my own creativity and confusion

He has given me the freedom to be whom I choose to be
and allowed me to course the oceans of this universe
into the depths of my never ending uncertainty

Bring to me now the ability to understand the self control of my being
so that I may once again seek his tenderness and his love
as I resurrect the spirit of my eternal fulfillment
© 2007 David Devaney
In The Twilight - Viewed 3186 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
I live between the shadows
In the twilight of my time
I hear the silence and the sounds
As life does better rhyme
I am never in a hurry
To get where I have been
And though the sunset touches me
I will not let it in
I have found life’s wondrous beauty
And its true serenity
In conversations with my heart
I listen carefully
I have known the depth of passion
Yet here I stand alone
But still my days have consequence
Though I have older grown
I can hear the wind soft whisper
The secrets of each day
And the ocean always calling me
To come inside and play
I have crossed through generations
And found love waiting there
And when I’ve listened to my dreams
I’ve ended all despair
Now as these sands of time do flow
So easy through my heart
I stop and thank the God of love
For giving life its start
© 2007 David Devaney
A Cup Of English Tea - Viewed 4421 Times
David Devaney
January 21, 2007
I once discovered happiness
in a cup of English tea
Grandmother Funk had brewed a batch
and shared her thoughts with me
We spoke of everyone she knew
in Nineteen Fifty Nine
The family and its history
her thoughts she did refine
Born before the century
so many tales she’d tell
Of English Irish origin
her words my heart did swell
Grandfather Funk was quite the man
devoted and unique
She spoke of all his escapades
as through the past we’d peek
She’d told me of those joyful times
that I might recognize
Hidden there within her heart
that love could not disguise
Family thoughts and memories
a blizzard she lived through
Trips to almost everywhere
and all her dreams come true
How beautiful and wonderful
it was to share this day
As Nana and her memories
were placed upon display
And though she now has stepped beyond
the times that we did share
I still so often recollect
her in that kitchen chair
The teapot that was whistling
the fragrance and her smile
And as these thoughts I do recall
she does my heart beguile
© 2007 David Devaney
A Silence - Viewed 2737 Times
David Devaney
April 21, 1999
Upon the sea there is a silence and a strength that is everlasting.
A purity and a joy that penetrates the universe with its glory
I have touched the sea with my life as it has touched me with its beauty
I have immersed myself in its constancy and its passion
Endless is the sea as it spans the world bringing enlightenment and truth
Never to be conquered
Never to be feared
Never to be alone in its pursuit of freedom
I have driven my feet deep into the sands upon its perimeter
there to be enveloped by the oceans of my being
There too, I touch the heavens and the universe
where the sea and the sky are joined
through the being that I am
I am the conduit, the link, and the connection between
the earth, the sea and the stars
I am the pillar that transmits the fire energy of love
throughout this universe
My life is my inspiration, my peace is my delight
and my love is the harmony uniting mankind
as he pursues the essence of his reality
I watch there upon the horizon as the sun sets
upon the beginning of my time
Never to disappear but merely to touch the universe
with its warmth and its joy
I am the sea. I am the earth. I am the sun
I am the universe commingled with the energy
of an eternity that is my own
© 1999 David Devaney
Once Upon a Quiet Day - Viewed 2496 Times
David Devaney
December 22, 1997
Once upon a quiet day
I dreamt of loving you
Then captured for one moment rare
The strength to get me through

Once upon a windy day
I found you by my side
Then knew the reason that from life
I’d never have to hide

Once upon a stormy day
I hid behind the clouds
Then spied a rainbow neath the sun
Whose spectrum sadness shrouds

Once upon a sunny day
I saw horizons break
With morning stars awakening
In life I would partake

Once upon my favorite day
I held you in my arms
Then felt with you a moment rare
And shared life’s secret charms
© 1997 David Devaney
I Send My Gratitude - Viewed 2329 Times
David Devaney
July 08, 2007
To those of you who’ve touched my time
I send my gratitude
Much better is each day I know
You’ve changed my latitude
Constantly you reappear
To linger in my heart
My course assured to wonderment
As you my pathways chart
With friendship you have brought to me
The gift of precious gold
For memories of times we’ve shared
Have helped each day unfold
Midst doldrums in a stormy sea
Your love my compass true
Your star at night the darkness broke
Revealing skies of blue
There are so many names you share
Yet each one is unique
For now they are a part of me
As I new treasures seek
Courage, love and energy
Happiness and strength
I have become more diligent
With dreams of endless length
So let your heart know of this gift
That constantly we share
And too remember for all time
Your thoughts are in my care
Knowing and protecting them
As they have done for me
T’is wonderful to recognize
When true love’s given free
© 2007 David Devaney
How Special I Might Be - Viewed 2230 Times
David Devaney
July 24, 2007
I sprinkled gold dust in the sky
Then whispered words of love
Knowing that most every night
I’d count the stars above
My palette held a mixture
Of yellows, greens and blues
My brush a glaciered mountaintop
Would spread these wondrous hues
My canvas was the winter’s sky
Held softly by the breeze
Allowing me to life reveal
Before the night could freeze
There was a giant waterfall
That reached a mile high
A fragrant forest hammock glen
Where redwoods touched the sky
A pathway lined with evergreens
That never seemed to end
A warming fire waiting there
In which new life could blend
There was a chapel full with dreams
An angel at the door
The sense of love most everywhere
Not easy to ignore
And there within a mirrored pane
Great beauty I did spy
Reflections of the life I’ve led
Not easy to deny
For here midst all the wonderment
That ever might exist
I found life’s wondrous spectrum
That often I had missed
And too I came to recognize
How special I might be
If only I would take the time
To think creatively
© 2007 David Devaney
A Morning Thought of You - Viewed 1972 Times
David Devaney
January 28, 2006
Though I did never taste your kiss
Nor hold you in my arms
I sense that you are part of me
So sweet now are your charms
Your fragrance that of lilacs
Your beauty as the rose
You warm me through the coldest night
Inspire verse and prose
We seem to have a history
Though none for us is known
Perhaps the future has begun
No longer we’re alone
We share our thoughts most intimate
And talk of bygone years
Easing problems of the past
Each demon that appears
We love the sea magnificent
The beauty of the sun
Share a passion for this life
Can laugh when day is done
Like to cuddle and to dream
Share thoughts and fantasies
Work with diligence and zest
Toward future destinies
Then someday as we finally meet
I’ll know the warmth of you
Holding tight your energy
As we this love renew
© 2006 David Devaney
Silence - Viewed 6049 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
Silence is a treasure rare
so few appreciate.
When the sun does break the dawn
no noise is at our gate.

The wind upon the cresting surf
allows no sound to flow.
The birds in flight so high above
bring voices we don’t know.

The fish that swim so deep below
in fathoms silently.
Do speak in tongues not understood
by all who hear and see.

So many things do quietly
exist upon this earth.
If only we could realize
this joy begins at birth.
© 2002 David Devaney
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