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Today's Poem - 09/26/2016
From Borneo He Came - Viewed 5130 Times
David Devaney
November 22, 2003
I saw a great orangutan,
from Borneo he came.
He watched, as we did watch him back,
though never quite the same.
His face was sullen, smileless,
yet there within his eyes.
A sense that he had found a home
did come with great surprise.
Captive though he might have been,
he captivated all.
Most thankful are we that he came
and him we’ll oft recall.
© 2003 David Devaney
Tag You’re It - Viewed 4866 Times
David Devaney
November 03, 2003
Barehanded I did try to catch
a monarch butterfly.
I ran along the ocean’s rim
beneath a cloudless sky.
The sun did sparkle through its wings
and golden was its hue.
Its beauty caught me by surprise
against the ocean blue.
Then quick I stopped to here reflect
midst flowers on the shore.
Why chase and capture spirit’s free
living life so pure.
I watched as it did playful climb
along the dunes of grass.
“Tag You’re It” it seemed to say
to blossoms lad and lass.
I wondered why I ever thought
its freedom I would take.
The beauty of this insect friend
that rainbow sky’s does make.
For it was meant to live its life
for all the world to see.
Flying softly on the wind,
so lovely and so free.
© 2003 David Devaney
Beauty Soaring There - Viewed 5261 Times
David Devaney
July 01, 2002
Sixteen pelicans did cross
That jetty by the sea.
Each one in turn would take the lead,
They formed a shortened V.
Across the whitecaps headed west,
I’d not seen them before.
On occasion one or two,
Across my path would soar.
Yet sixteen came this summer’s day,
But no one seemed to care.
More concerned with thoughts of life,
Than beauty soaring there.
And then eleven more did come,
Wind currents set their height.
As cross winds from the south did blow,
They winged with all their might.
I wonder why so many came,
This sunlit, snow cloud day,
I guess so I might them admire,
And all my demons slay.
For when God’s beauty is revealed,
Do troubles disappear.
And I am grateful that I came,
To walk and watch and hear.
© 2002 David Devaney
The Night - Viewed 5291 Times
David Devaney
October 05, 2002
When the day turns into evening
and the sun finds solace
on the other side of nowhere,
the stars sparkle with the freshness
of an evergreen forest.

Twilight has come to the day
as the creatures of the night
rise from their momentary rest
to begin the foraging and the feast.

The darkness quick appears
then disappears into itself
as shadows obscure all
that is visible by the light of day.

Across the ocean,
the moon sparkles the cresting waves,
before it is enveloped by the clouds
brought by the ever changing wind.

The beauty of the universe
is quick swallowed up
in the developing darkness
as colors and visions
disappear into its depth.

The hand searching out for guidance,
too, is obscured
but an arms length
from the tip of our being.

This is the night,
sullen and beautiful,
silent and austere,
simple and solitary,
full with the wonderment
of a now only imagined world.
© 2002 David Devaney
Ten Million Stars - Viewed 5301 Times
David Devaney
June 12, 2004
I saw ten million stars last night,
but wished upon just one.
I watched the waves break on the shore,
before this day was done.
I saw a great white buffalo,
soaring through the sky.
A “Snoopy Dog” with puffy ears
in heaven I did spy.
The “Dippers” large and small were there,
each moving south and west.
Then quick, a shooting star appeared.
This night it was a test.
Could I be silent and aware,
of beauty all around.
Let the wind its secrets tell,
where love is truly found.
Listen to the melodies
the nighttime breeze does play.
Taste the fragrance of the sea
brought to me this day.
And could I simply here enjoy,
The wealth of nature pure.
That God did give the universe,
to happiness restore.
© 2004 David Devaney
An Opinion - Viewed 4095 Times
David Devaney
October 09, 2004
There is no great embarrassment
if Kerry you might choose.
It’s just that war is such a waste
for everyone does lose.
Death, destruction, hatred too
does all the world pervade.
And every heart that understands
knows hatred cannot fade.
‘Tis greed that seems to stimulate
the reasons why we wage.
Revenge does also us control
upon this endless stage.
Though "Nine One One" is tragic
and it we won’t forget.
Just like Pearl Harbor many died
and we our sights did set.
Upon mid-eastern terrorists
and all we thought might be.
For we the brother of mankind
must set the whole world free.
Yet when we make decisions
that cripple, maim and kill.
Though armies now are volunteer
they die against their will.
For politicians do decide
from towers clean and white.
The reasons that our young must fade
those elected never fight.
So when you vote please listen
to your heart not rhetoric.
Then let your conscience be your guide
whomever you might pick.
For Bush, he’s truly done his best
to stabilize this land.
I’d rather give Iraq to France
they play well in the sand.
To compromise is never weak
to touch, to taste, to feel.
For when another soldier dies
their wounds will never heal.
So let us send a message
Americans we all.
Go fight these wars in conference rooms
where only egos fall.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Twilight Star - Viewed 4373 Times
David Devaney
January 01, 2003
There is a twilight, just before the last ray of sunlight
settles over the horizon, when only a few stars have
the energy to touch the world with their beauty.

It is during this brief respite, between the days end
and the nights beginning, that I think of
the precious person that you are.

You are the twilight star in my life,
gently guiding me with your wisdom to new adventures,
where the sunlight warms the heartbeat of each new day.

Caring, loving and committed, you bring an energy
of enlightenment, courage and perseverance,
into a world of uncertainty and confusion.

I have grown to love your presence in my life,
appreciate your honesty and compassion,
and enjoy the pursuit of the dreams that we have shared.

My poetry flows with a new energy since you entered my world.
I wish only that the joyous intersection of our lives
would occur more frequently in my everyday experience.

I know certain that your energy is for me an inspiration.
With it I touch the timeless universe that is my joy
acknowledging it through my creativity and my love.

May each day of your life be a rainbow of colors,
fresh and warm with the fragrance of spring,
bringing you always, the courage to succeed.
© 2003 David Devaney
A New Serenity - Viewed 4654 Times
David Devaney
February 24, 2004
You step silent through the gates
of this place of rest and peace
sensing there the certainty of life’s mortality.
So insignificant are we midst so many of our peers
who no longer taste of the morning sunrise.
Here too, you find a true sense of understanding and worth
as you come to recognize the certainty of death.
Fearful yet assured, you no longer need to surrender
to the depressions of life arising from your humanity.
Then, as you gaze upon the names and ages
of those who have gone before, you are enlightened.
Smiling deep within your heart, you are grateful
to those peaceful souls for the awareness they have shared.
You then wonder how they lived and died
here within the kingdom of our limitations.
So many children have too gone before,
their shortened existence a tragedy of life
always accepted but never understood.
Though death is all about you,
there too is an energy that rekindles your spirit
to live and to create within the tomorrow of your being.
As you depart this place, a new serenity,
a peacefulness is yours for you have begun anew,
this journey into the life of your choosing.
© 2004 David Devaney
Before the Dawn - Viewed 4481 Times
David Devaney
February 28, 2004
Before the dawn you’re on my mind
and bring me happiness.
I lie here silent in the dark
and know of your caress.
Too many years have passed me by
since I have new love known.
The fragrance just a memory
too long I’ve been alone.
I hear your words within my mind
they help me carry on.
I sense your presence and your warmth,
then quickly you are gone.
My heartbeat quickens with each thought
I tingle in the know.
And though we’re distant now in time,
our energy does flow.
I think that we were meant to be
blended in the hour.
Each the other sharing dreams,
the blossom to the flower.
So as the warming sun does rise,
so too do we each day.
Much stronger am I now since you
my life is on display.
© 2004 David Devaney
Precipice of Life - Viewed 4725 Times
David Devaney
January 25, 2004
There are thresholds along the pathways of my history.
Misted highways above the ocean’s kingdom
challenging me each day
in the pursuit of my imagination.

Strengthened by the energy of the sea, no obstacle,
no mountain nor canyon, no cliff nor forest,
no desert nor darkness nor fear,
will deter me in the pursuit of my destiny.

The beauty, however, is in the journey,
as the winds whisper their message of courage
and spread the fragrance of their enthusiasm
through the blossoming flowers of my potential.

It is not the completion of this escapade
lengthened by the vagaries of age and uncertainty
but the journey itself, wherein I find
the saline aroma of my satisfaction.

I am but the pilgrim emerging from the sea of my childhood
traversing the beaches of my adolescence,
and climbing, inch by inch,
through the plateaus of my maturity.

As I now face the precipice of life,
I turn to see the exquisite beauty of my existence.
through the challenged successes that are,
now and evermore, my reality.

The byways of my future have often been shrouded
by the mists of my uncertainty.
Yet now I traverse joyfully through the archways,
to my denouement.
© 2004 David Devaney
The Purpose Of My Time - Viewed 3437 Times
David Devaney
January 26, 2007
I frequent sit in wonderment
Of this life I have know
The treasured moments I recall
When I was all alone
The wondrous people who have helped
To make my dreams come true
The special friends I’ve yet to meet
As lifetimes I renew
The knowledge that experience
Forever is a guide
And that true love is everywhere
Though from it we might hide
That here within humanity
Are those remarkable
Who simply help each traveler
When troubles them befall
I try to truly understand
The purpose of my time
And why each day I am confused
And often out of rhyme
When too my quest does fruitless seem
Though I do stay the course
And why my energy depletes
And what could be its source
I sometimes think and ask God why
Real hatred must exist
And jealousy and avarice
Are not too often missed
Why friendships made in honesty
Eternally survive
Exchanging hopes and dreams and thoughts
Which keep the soul alive
I have no answers at this time
To questions I propose
Yet just to question brings great joy
As each verse I compose
For life is truly what it seems
Each thought experienced
And every thirst is satisfied
When spirit dreams are quenched
© 2007 David Devaney
Behind The Lighthouse Beam - Viewed 3587 Times
David Devaney
February 04, 2007
On an island east of Eden
By the North Atlantic Sea
Is a house that’s very special
Aunt Frani shares for free
It’s there you’ll find the paradise
That God placed in her care
A smile that is oft recalled
Old Cos and Carm did share
It is a place where family
Does touch upon the sun
Absorbing too the atmosphere
Where life is new begun
Where meals are everyday prepared
In pots all extra large
And nephews, nieces and grand kids
Into your room might barge
A place where time has quality
And love does permeate
And Lynnie by the kitchen sink
Will know each clam’s true fate
Where bathroom leaks son Scott does fix
And teens on rooftops climb
Where laughter fills most every inch
And summers are sublime
It sits their near the waterway
Her Cousin Joey plies
And Billy comes to counsel her
For on him she relies
A place where Sheri hangs her hat
On sultry summer days
And Maddie studies Algebra
As Abby sits and plays
It is a home remarkable
Much more than just a dream
A little bit of heaven lived
Behind the lighthouse beam
So next time you are headed north
Or west or south or east
Come visit Frani’s by the sea
And on true love you’ll feast
© 2007 David Devaney
Heavenly Love - Viewed 3931 Times
February 17, 2007
Your heart open, honest and free,
As Jesus' light hath chosen thee.
Wonderfully forgiven, merciful test,
Pathways chosen He's done the rest...

The glory of our Father in Heaven,
Through His Son our grace is given.
Cleansed to purity, washed of our sin,
Glorious kingdom spirits lead us in...

Praise you our Lord on eternities flight,
Guiding us home, sheltering into the night.
Tenderly watching somewhere up above,
Nothing compares to His Heavenly Love...

A Valentine Blessing
By: Judith A. Warren-Wright

Greet one another with a kiss of love.
Peace to all of you who are in Christ.
(1 Peter 5:14)
© 2007 2wings
A Melody A Song - Viewed 2805 Times
David Devaney
February 17, 2007
Life is but a treasure chest
Of dreams and fantasies
Anticipated happenings
And joyful ecstasies
Imaginary moments
That tingle us each day
Starlit nights of wonderment
Now always on display
It is a touch, a soft caress
A melody, a song
A special understanding
That we do here belong
It’s always living in the now
Where energy is pure
Not contemplating anything
Nor ever keeping score
The hummingbird that might appear
One sultry summer’s eve
Life and love and happiness
In which we do believe
It’s lying comfy in a bed
No worries and no fears
Allowing time to easy flow
When passion reappears
It is not living yesterday
Tomorrow and beyond
But rather understanding
That life does carry on
So step into each moment
And crystallize your view
Then feel the energy of life
Where every day’s brand new
© 2007 David Devaney
I Listen to the Silence - Viewed 2522 Times
David Devaney
March 07, 2007
I listen to the silence
How beautiful it seems
No longer the cacophony
Of nightmares in my dreams
I thank the Lord most everyday
For everyday I’ve known
Allowing me to be myself
With him I’m not alone
I’m grateful for the many hearts
Who’ve touched upon my time
Their gentleness and confidence
Have truly been sublime
I walk not lonely or alone
Along the ocean’s rim
And touch the stars most every night
Though clouds their beauty dim
I capture to the harmony
Revealed upon each tide
The beauty and the wonderment
From which I’ll never hide
I touch and taste and see the joy
My senses do reveal
Then just before I fall asleep
Thank God for how I feel
© 2007 David Devaney
To Achieve - Viewed 2863 Times
David Devaney
March 12, 2007
Within my time we’ve shared a day
A moment or an hour
Through many lifetimes I have known
With you my thoughts did flower
Your soft caress and friendship pure
Has helped me to achieve
The truth of life as it should be
In which I now believe
We may not then have noticed it
As it did quickly flow
Yet now as you I recollect
I seem to better know
That you are much a part of me
Your fragrance and your smile
And still within my memory
My heart you do beguile
Your kindness and sincerity
Allowed my thoughts to bloom
Since you I’ve never been alone
Though empty is my room
So with these thoughts now here recalled
I send you only love
For you’ve brought dreams remarkable
And blessings from above
© 2007 David Devaney
And By Your Love Be Caught - Viewed 2437 Times
David Devaney
May 02, 2007
If I within my lifetimes chose
One person most unique
Whose heart was gifted with the strength
That everyone does seek
If I could throughout history
Let all the truth be told
My words would speak of friendship rare
That can’t be bought or sold
If I through all the centuries
That I have walked through time
Were asked about a beauty rare
So precious and sublime
If heaven were no mystery
Not hidden by the mind
I do believe I’d touch its joy
And treasures there would find
If all life’s beauty were revealed
Through friends eternally
Where love’s a daily happenstance
And always given free
And as these things were told to me
Through one who shares my heart
I wish I’d not be by myself
Where loneliness does start
For even with fond memories
I share each day in thought
I’d simply rather hear your voice
And by your love be caught
© 2007 David Devaney
Beyond The Canyon\ - Viewed 2367 Times
David Devaney
May 14, 2007
Now way out west in Vegas
Just beyond the great divide
Is a man who’s tasted ninety years
With tales he will confide
He’s lived nine decades on this earth
And cherished every one
Known great men of consequence
And watched the rising sun
This father, mentor, special friend
Knows what it takes to live
Acknowledging that humor comes
When we the past forgive
He’s watched the generations flow
But lived beyond the past
And gratitude fills every day
Though life don’t move too fast
He knows to take his vitamins
The ladies still does chase
And through the new millennia
He set a special pace
Happily he greets each day
Acknowledging its worth
Remembering those wondrous times
He’s touched upon since birth
So next time when you’re traveling
Beyond the canyon’s rim
Just ask for “Bimbo” and I’m sure
You’ll soon run into him
For somewhere neath the neon sun
His pockets are spun gold
Growing younger every year
With tales that need be told
© 2007 David Devaney
Once Upon a Quiet Day - Viewed 2426 Times
David Devaney
December 22, 1997
Once upon a quiet day
I dreamt of loving you
Then captured for one moment rare
The strength to get me through

Once upon a windy day
I found you by my side
Then knew the reason that from life
I’d never have to hide

Once upon a stormy day
I hid behind the clouds
Then spied a rainbow neath the sun
Whose spectrum sadness shrouds

Once upon a sunny day
I saw horizons break
With morning stars awakening
In life I would partake

Once upon my favorite day
I held you in my arms
Then felt with you a moment rare
And shared life’s secret charms
© 1997 David Devaney
One Man - Viewed 2867 Times
Matt Bisset
April 17, 2007
A man sits alone,
As the world rushes by.
As he slowly reads his paper,
Line by line.
For him there's no hurry,
His life is just fine.
The man is content,
To just take his time.
'Til midnight he sits,
then folds his newspaper.
He'll begin his slow journey,
sooner or later.
He stands and he looks,
At the mess that surrounds him.
The world as controlled,
By impulse, by whim.
By sad little men,
all dressed up in suits.
With there fancy briefcases,
and black shiny boots.
The ones with the money,
are the ones with the power.
While the man he just lives,
takes it hour by hour.
As the man journeys slowly,
to his nice homely flat.
He thinks to himself,
“Now how about that”
“My flat is small,
and not really clean.
But though it be nothing,
quite a lot it does mean”
For the man this is true,
For others not so.
For most money and power,
are how things must go.
Looks and appearance,
corruption, deceit.
Lie, cheat and scam,
just to stay on your feet.
For the world cares to much,
of what others say.
How much sex do you have,
just how much are you paid?
Do you weigh just six stone,
is your waist really thin.
Do you wear loads of makeup,
all over your skin.

Because the world has a view,
that the man cannot stand.
If you see another in trouble,
don't offer your hand.
Laugh at other's misfortune,
put faith in your health.
And do all you can,
to acquire much wealth.
Happiness comes,
with a truckload of money.
No longer do they care,
for the bees and their honey.
Or wide open spaces,
or green open land.
Blue skies and a rainbow,
or a beach and the sand.
Simple pleasures soon gone,
to a place a long way distant.
Once a great jungle,
gone in an instant.
The one man reaches home,
unlocks his front door.
Collapses on the couch,
for his feet are quite sore.
But his heart is joyful,
his soul sings a song.
And his happiness comes,
not from drugs and a bong.
Not from power not from sex,
just a small tuneless whistle.
As he walks to his kitchen,
with his plates covered in gristle.
But yet he is happy,
but to the world he has naught,
how can this be,
with the world's ways he has fought.
He lives in a flat,
with barely no room.
His bank account small,
he lives in the gloom.
For the world laughs at this man,
the man in the flat.
But the man cares not,
he just sits with his cat.
His cat does not judge him,
as the cruel world outside.
His cat sits and sleeps,
lies by his side.
The man turns the box on,
they call a tv.
To see what the worlds horrors,
can bring unto thee.

Another bombed city,
another law suit.
And more fancy men,
with their black shiny boots.
Supermodels walking,
their waists are too thin.
No one looks at their hearts,
but the man looks within.
Sees through the fake exterior,
the make-up and plastic.
And what lies beneath,
is no longer fantastic.
These girls once young,
and happy to boot.
Had their lives ruined with,
just a single photo shoot.
Too much emphasis today,
on the way people look.
You must look like this,
like the girl in this book.
Can no one be happy,
with what they are given.
We all are alive,
its a great chance for livin'.
Care not for the thoughts,
that other's believe.
Just escape from the world,
to a place you can breath.
Clean air fills his lungs,
where this man has been living.
Where every day he is thankful,
for the chance he was given.
To live happily,
in this place that's so pure.
Were appearance and money,
no longer adhere.
So be like this man,
live the way that he lives.
Free from the criticism,
that society gives.
So if you want to be free,
Live your own plan.
Follow this person,
live like ONE MAN.
© 2007 Matt Bisset
How - Viewed 4526 Times
Mandy Schleifstein
January 07, 2005
How can you know what I want?
I don't know what I want
Unless what I want is what you want but, much is that you in me?

(Written in response to Lockean epistemology and essays by John Stuart Mills)
© 2005 Mandy Schleifstein
© 2004-2014